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Found 8 results

  1. You may have experienced two issues installing and playing the standalone GOG (non-Galaxy) versions of SCUMM games: 1) The installer gives you a permission error; 2) the SCUMM windows starts mysteriously shrinking while playing. Both can be fixed fairly easily, assuming you already have the latest version of ScummVM installed. The steps, using Sam & Max Hit The Road... Make sure you download the standalone installation package... After download, when you try to open the installation package, you may get this message... In which case, you need to click "OK," and then ctrl-click the packages, click "Open With...," and choose "Installer.app." Installation will proceed as normal. Now, to fix the shrinking window. Locate the game file, likely in your app folder. Ctrl-click the icon, and click "Show Package Contents." Navigate to the Contents->Resources->game->game folder, and copy all the files over to a location of your choosing. (In my case, iCloud Drive->Documents->Sam & Max.) And that's it. In ScummVM you can add the game from the "Sam & Max" folder, and you'll be good to go.
  2. I'm playing the Mac version of original KotoR and having difficulty with the swoop racing on Tatooine. I think I have the hang of the acceleration and gear shifting, but once my racer reaches a certain speed, the whole screen starts to turn yellow and red, and I can't see the course. This makes it impossible to hit the accelerators or avoid obstacles, and I can't get a decent time. It seems to happen even if I aggressively shift gears, so I'm not sure what's going on. Any tips? Thanks!
  3. Long-time PS3 player of this game here – I've just downloaded it on Mac (I'm away from home and couldn't bring the console…), and on starting a new game I've found loads of texture issues: mostly missing heads/helmets (Vader's bowl bit of helmet missing, Rebels missing theirs, and pretty much every Starkiller costume missing its), but also some bigger textures such as the doors to the hangar on the Hoth DLC, as well as Luke's pilot-outfit forearms and shins being empty. Really weird, and can't find anything online. I'm running the game on a 2012 Macbook Pro 15" Retina, which according to all the reviews handles and plays the game seamlessly. Help?! edit: here's a screen-cap of the problem: this kinda thing happens with almost every playermodel http://imgur.com/frF9zGh
  4. Does anyone know how I can enable the console on my steam version of KOTOR? The .app doesn't contain the swkotor.ini
  5. "Residual" emulator from the makers of Scummvm is now available for download and can run Grim Fandango on multiple current operating systems. Here is a video of me running it on my macbook pro with Snow Leopard OS: This is great news for Grim fans who have had issues playing the game on modern pcs like myself. I can't wait for a wii port. Here is a link to the Residual site: http://residual.sourceforge.net/ Rob
  6. My son desperately wants to play Battlefront. We bought the playstation version of Battlefront II but unfortunately we have one of the PS3 models that can't be patched to play PS2 games. So I bought the Mac version of Battlefront (not II). It arrived today but after installation it will not play. I found a thread on Amazon that said it is incompatible with Snow Leopard. Are there any patches? Is this hopeless?
  7. Hey, I'm trying to create an online server in JKII. After I started it, my friend can't see it in the Server list, although he refreshed. It seems that the server is only available locally. Can somebody tell me how to set up a server, so that it appears in the internet servers list? Thanks in advance mds
  8. Seeing as other MMOs in the past have ported their games from Windows to other computer-oriented systems (Mac, Linux), does anyone believe that BioWare will follow suit, and eventually port TOR to other platforms after the debut on Windows?
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