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  1. Ronzo posts information about it pretty frequently -- a lot of that article goes back to last year. A nice little detail: You can’t keep a good Wally hangin' around.
  2. https://scummbar.com/game/the-curse-of-monkey-island/trivia What do you mean shameless plug? 😒
  3. I started putting together a script to assemble the backgrounds. An example of the output: It'll take some work to put in place the logic for some of the more complex locations, but I'll be looking at it over the next week or so.
  4. I think that looks good. Going by assumption, it'd be hard to perfectly put together the backgrounds from assets because of the dynamic light sources, etc. I was going to look at doing it programmatically -- minus aforementioned complexities -- but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  5. Can’t believe I have to spell it out for the proletariat. 😒
  6. Now waiting for NYT to shut us down.
  7. Thrik gave us marching orders to post this here...
  8. Try now -- I increased the limit to "unlimited."
  9. I'll set it to shuffle when it finally is time to end it. Still got a good bank of words scheduled, so wouldn't be for a while at any rate.
  10. Just a quick check-in to see how many actually are playing Mojole. Maintaining it for two people seems a bit excessive. :~
  11. You really could just say, “Mojole has made me a broken person.”
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