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  1. It was considered at some point, but never came to be.
  2. That sounds about right, and I assume that was the biggest part of it -- wanting to own his IP, do what he wanted to do without having to answer to management, etc. Related, he has also said he felt the company was growing too big as it was transitioning from LucasFilm Games to LucasArts. I mean, I've left jobs even though I had projects planned there. That's just what people do, I don't think there's much more to it than that. Life happens. As for MI3, I know Schafer and Grossman were pondering making it, but decided to do DOTT instead.
  3. I cannot believe I made the age-old Frankenstein vs. Frankenstein's monster mistake... Either way, somebody threw the girl in the water, and it was OK because CMI is meh.
  4. If calling CMI meh is being a monster, then Frankenstein was in the right when he threw that little girl in the water. Or something like that.
  5. I'm actually going to amend my list, and put the moment in The Cave down as #4, too. Because The Cave is awesome.
  6. I did the same, no go. I could have sworn I'd seen it back in the nineties. It could have been on the inside, I suppose -- "in next month's issue!" All I know is that I never ended up buying it.
  7. Yep, I believe I bot a bigger version of that one somewhere.
  8. I sadly only have it in GIF format, but here is his old TSB logo.
  9. Meanwhile, the TTG Sam & Max office theme is one of the true great tracks in the LEC+ world.
  10. I'm so excited that I'll news it!
  11. I'm glad we all agree CMI shouldn't even be considered a Monkey Island game!
  12. Probably, but it’s faster to open it with ctrl+click. (The rest has nothing to do with permissions.)
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