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  1. As far as I can remember, he was never an employee.
  2. It fixes itself. Why do the forums behave like this? Who knows! But here we are.
  3. Thanks! It shall be fixed soon-ish. Feel free to email webmonkey@mixnmojo.com with any type of content, too.
  4. Just for the hell of it I started messing with cleaning up the MI2 hint guide maps (all linked below). The most interesting one to me is the map of the Dinky tunnels, which features an additional room. It amuses me that Guybrush was a literal foot away from falling into a room full of unobtainable wealth. For the rest of the maps: Scabb Booty Phatt
  5. Appreciate the offer, but feel free to keep it. ;
  6. 22 seconds in, notice the new date added to the box in the background: "09-21-18." Nice little detail.
  7. EMI is largely ignored from what I recall. I'd still give it a go, though. It has aged better than many will give it credit for.
  8. Edit -- rzil posted their reply the same time as mine! I'll keep my post for historical purposes. Ditto to what Jake said. 15-20 years ago we went through all the resources using ScummRev after many of us (including me) claimed the Spiffy close-up was in the game. It was not found in the resource files. Crispness aside, the aspect ratio there is weird, not like any of the other close-ups.
  9. I did get it working on an older version, too, but I can't remember exactly what it took. I'm fairly sure if you search for the exact error message you'll find a solution, as the issue wasn't exclusive to TTG.
  10. I'll have to try it later, but there is a chance it won't work as it was compiled as 32-bit. Latest versions of macOS supports 64-bit only.
  11. Incidentally, most of the old Mojo buttons have been archived here: https://scummbar.com/buttons/
  12. It was considered at some point, but never came to be.
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