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  1. I encourage this, though as I just read it last year, my input will be from a somewhat foggy disposition. Everyone else should read along, though!
  2. Don’t get used to my beginning of year softballs. ;
  3. So, this is what it has come to...
  4. It does support backspaces, but there are some browser extensions that override the JavaScript code and re-enables the browser-default previous page method. Presumably that's what's going on.
  5. Good job! I newsed the bastard. https://mixnmojo.com/news/BillyCheers-does-the-lords-work-releases-a-fan-mixed-Return-to-Monkey-Island-soundtrack
  6. I’ll put it on my list. (It’s a long list. )
  7. There were a couple, including one saying it goes well with some vanilla ice cream -- a root beer float. Not sure how well those translated outside of the US, though.
  8. Browsing through the end credits concept art, there looks to have been a deli planned at some point... A Dutch looking one at that. On Mêlée?
  9. Once upon a time, I would have been able to rank these games confidently, but as I’ve gotten older, I find it harder to do so. I’m sure there’s a whole book that can be written about the reasoning behind that, so I’ll skip right to how the “ranking” works in my mind, right now. Tier 1 Chronologically: The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, Return to Monkey Island Having gone through Return a handful of times now, it increasingly is becoming hard to separate the three. Return certainly rides on a different narrative structure -- and doesn’t have the advantage of thirty years of lovin' -- but the three fit together perfectly for me. I’ve said enough about the two first games over the past twenty-plus years around these parts, and will have plenty to say about Return after I’ve digested it further. If I was to rank them, in all likelihood it would look like this: 1. LeChuck’s Revenge 2. The Secret of Monkey Island 3. Return to Monkey Island Tier 2 Tales of Monkey Island It has its issues and inconsistencies (as generally is the case with TTG’s episodic nature), but the tone of the game is the closest to the non-Gilbert-lead Monkey Islands. In that sense, with Tier 1 taken into consideration, Tales is the logical #4. I guess I'm a Gilbert/Grossman-head at heart. 4. Tales of Monkey Island Tier 3 Chronologically: Curse of Monkey Island, Escape from Monkey Island This one is tougher. Escape is deeply inconsistent -- no need to get into those details -- but the dialogue is fresh and funny (albeit sometimes awkwardly so). All very Stemmle-y. Curse is consistent throughout, in that it feels like it has zero ambitions being anything but cute in story and dialogue. It’s funny at times, but it never leaves me feeling... anything... after playing it. Escape at least has a pinch of satire. Thus: 5. Escape from Monkey Island 6. Curse of Monkey Island
  10. First, if it's gonna take you an hour to edit out your snarky personal shit throwing, you might as well keep it in. And again, why do you keep saying "we" like your opinions represent the entire Monkey Island fanbase? "Curse somehow took all the elements we love about MI" -- what elements are the ones we all love? What elements did they leave out that we all don't love? It's just a weird statement.
  11. Not sure I saw this posted, but if you pick up the skulls after the quake…
  12. There weren't really many more puzzles at Dinky, was there? Fewer, I believe.
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