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rcon commands


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rcon doesn't have a specific set of commands. What it does is send any command to the server as if you were the host.


So, let's say you want to restart the current map. You would type this in the console: rcon map_restart


That would pass the map_restart command to the server, provided you've entered the proper password and all that.


You may have difficulty with certain commands that include spaces because you have to put them in quotes. In such cases, you would have to put rcon "everything else in here" and that can cause a problem if you need another pair of quotes or something.


Let's say you want to kick someone who has a space in his name. You couldn't do it the normal way because you'd have to type rcon "kick "boba fett"" and rcon wouldn't know what to do with that. There's another command you have to use to kick people like that with rcon. I think it's clientkick or something like that. Use the command that gives you a list of players (status or serverinfo or something, haven't done this in a while myself), and you'll see that it gives each player a number. Let's say the guy you want to boot is #5. You would put this in the console: rcon "clientkick 5"


Hope that helps.

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thanks for the reply...one thing i would like to know is how to set kick damage....we were just messin around and having only melee fights and the kick damamge was so high that it was a one hit kill along with the kick from the staff...i was hoping i could get rcon for that...




ps...i know that a list for jk2 is outthere...i guess is that the same list for ja

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