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*Does a dance on Katarns head*

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Originally posted by ZBomber

Andrew, just drop it, and stay on topic.


What was that all about? :p


I gotta find more room for my Clone War display, and if not, will just take a picture of them on my table since that's big enough to hold all the stuff I want in there. Get a load of these new Jedi I am bidding on that I'll get to squeeze into the scene.




What kinda shelves do you use Z? I saw what Taters uses in his pictures, and mine are all book cases and shelves mounted on the walls with standards and brackets.

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yeah mine ar all book cases pretty much...


my clone war scene will be pretty dsamn good (already is !) lol


nice jedi there katarn, that reminds me, i should make some custom jedi for my scene, when i get a bigger place for it, damn thias thing is gonna be big, when i get that jedi 3 pack, and a few more drod and clone 3 packs,whoooo its gonna need like a table twice the size as the one i have now.

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