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RL pictures please =)


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I'm not really sure if I would like to see who's the one I'm playinh with, it's kinda scaring :p


it's like the TeamSpeak server I go with my other character, there we have some shemales and it's kinda scary to see you're playing with a cute female toon and then you hear a very strange voice :p



anyway I'm not sure if I still have some pics of me, but I have some pics of wraithy here, old ones hehehe :xp:

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Hehe, I remember this old thread!


Here's Me.











But this is me. My hair isn't that long anymore though. Oh, and don't say how cool my eyes are. Two reasons-


1. They're contacts. I'm a nearsighted bastard.

2. I Photoshopped them to make them look greener than they really are.


Sorry that I look pissed. I just think I look rather goofy if I smile.

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