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Low down on JA


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if i remeber correctly......


Major Spoilers:


A dark jedi (later known to be tavion) finds an ancient powerful sceptor (it was ragnos's sceptor, who is an dead sith guy), the sceptor absorbs force energy from sorrounding areas. luke sends you to hoth to investigate, you meet alura (tavions padawan), and find the dark jedi have stolen the force energy from hoth.


blah, blah, blah, more boring missions. rosh, your jedi-intraining friend, turns to the dark side, you fight him and win.


more boring and irrelevant missions. i remeber rosh getting captured, and you and kyle go to rescue him. it may be a trap or may not, you dont know because rosh turned once. you get a choice to kill rosh or let him live. then you fight alura and kill the stupid git. then you go to the place where ragnos (the sith guy) is buried. from here there are two endings:


light (if rosh lives): fight with the jedi against the baddies, the kill tavion and destroy the sceptor. you leave the tomb and everyone is happy *yawn*.


dark (if you kill rosh): fight against everyone (jedi and dark jedi), then you defeat tavion. you fight kyle, and the ending sucks big-time. he goes after you, the end.



if this is wrong, correct it. i only played it once and dont care to do it again, and im only writing this because no1 else has.

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