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Voices on Sam and Max: FP trailer


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Oh please, please tell me that the voices used on the trailer are NOT those going to be used in the new game?


Where's the voice talent from the animated series? They were bloody brilliant and it would make perfect sense to use them for the new game.

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I took the time to dust off the ol' game and find some voice files on the net for the TV series...oh the joy of free time! ;-)


Sam's voice on TV just sounds more bemused. I like his take on "You crack me up little buddy". A matter of taste I guess!


I also guess it's only a matter of getting used to the game voices again. Anyways, I played Hit The Road on diskettes without the voice track and if the new game respects and expands on HTR's spirit, I'm bound to play it!


Glad to see that there are fans all over the globe! Now can we put pressure on someone to get a Steve Purcell website AND get the comics reprinted?


Happy holidays!

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