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Au Revoir!


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Good-bye lucasforums....


Have fun everyone. I've seen the light, and its enticing, so I'm heading toward it and moving away from here. Yes, I know i haven't posted much anyways so it doesn't really matter, but I'm gonna post even less than i do now, cause, well, i have caleida. Its an online journal thingy and i prefer that cause, frankly, its better. I talk to my friends and can ramble endlessly about stuff people could care less about. Not mention the fact that there are no moderators, administrators, or lack of vulger (sp?). The other reason i'm leaving my old haven is the fact that, well, posting has become less commonplace and there is far less to feast me eyes upon. So I bid Adeiu to my friends at lucasforums...


I'll remember to check back every clump of months...


Yes! I have been relieved of the commitment of posting! I mean, uh, I'll miss all of you.

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