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What is this forum I just discovered??

I did not know there was a game developing forum here. O_o


Anyhoo, so I've been spending my days lately creating an amazing RPG. Yup, it's true.

However... I seem to be having a slight artistic problem.

I've made plenty of custom sprites for my game, but there is one, extremely difficult one, that I need really badly. My skill is just not up to that level yet. Believe me, I've tried! ^_^

It's not the kind of sprite you can really use a template for...

What I'm asking is, is there anyone confident enough in their sprite-making abilities to maybe take on this horrible task?? I beg and implore you!!







If you think you want to help, please email or PM me or reply here and I'll give you the details of what I need, and you'll of course get credit in my game! Unless of course you end up playing my game and think it sucks and don't want credit... O_o But that won't happen cuz my game will be really good! Honest... heehee.




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