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  1. Totally missed it on my remastered playthrough; I had thought I'd still have a window where Glottis was back playing piano in the club after getting kicked out of the High Rollers' lounge, or that the item would stay in my inventory after being shown. Unfortunately a lot of stuff happened in a different order than my way-back-when playthroughs as a result of still remembering generally what to do to solve everything, but misremembering lots of other little things about the environment.
  2. I'm well, thanks! Good to see you, too, and glad to see so many familiar folks lurking about. Love the GFN redesign. Okcor does it again!
  3. Playing on PS4 now, I encountered a Manny warp zone on the El Morrow rooftop (pigeon puzzle) in Year 1, where you teleport from one position on the roof to another near the vents—perhaps related to the scripting of the guard pigeons' routines/detection as you approach the main flock—but it's the exact same glitch I encountered on my first playthrough on PC way back when. However, apart from being visually jarring, it is easy to avoid and doesn't break anything. I've seen a couple of other strange placement issues and glitches in animations (only in Year 2 now), but I'm not really convinced they're new glitches, but rather ones that have been present since the original release, and are now preserved. Overall performance is fine in-game, but saving and loading games seems to chug (almost) to the point of concern. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Hello
  4. Sam and Max in the Fable series are much more bumbling than the Freelance Police. I'm guessing that the names themselves are a reference, though.
  5. If there are any working versions of SCUMM Revisited floating around you could probably at least learn the file format using that software. I know Grim's not fully supported by that program, but you could still look at a few things as I recall.
  6. I found this pie chart to be more interesting than pie charts typically ought to be: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Origins_of_English_PieChart.svg It doesn't really highlight the imports from Dutch, Spanish, Yiddish, and other sources into American English, though. Also: Cookies (as opposed to biscuits)
  7. Thanks for filling this thread up with nonsense though, Ray.
  8. Stop talking crap about LucasArts. They make kick-ass games, yo.
  9. This thread has the spammiest-sounding title ever. Congratulations. Just don't ask where to get a good home mortgage rate next.
  10. I think what we're all trying to say here is this: Play TF2.
  11. I claim the Domino Hurley sound pack (and I know you guys still have it, right? )
  12. I'm assuming all times posted are GMT as these guys are mostly British types. Since the US did "Spring Forward" before the rest of the world, I am having trouble translating the times to my local (it's usually eight hours' difference). I'll wait for someone to message me ;
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