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Grask's Life


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Grask was born somewhere on the planet Naboo. His father was a criminal, and his mother an honest citizen. The lifestyles of both created tension in the relationship, and they would often separate from each other. In the end, though, they would always get back together, because they loved each other very much.


Grask's parents broke up shortly after he was conceived. His father, Zarith, moved to Coruscant, where he worked for a local crime lord. His mother, Sairia, stayed on Naboo and worked as a secretary for a small time politician. Nine months later, Sairia gave birth to a baby boy. Sadly though, she passed away while delivering the baby. Her sister took the baby in, and named him Grask.


Three months later, Zarith came and took Grask in. Although he was a criminal, he loved the boy very much. With the help of some female friends he raised the boy. As Grask got older, he started to get into a bad crowd. His father urged him to stay away from this lifestyle, but he could not stop the young troublemaker. Eventually Grask started working in the same crime syndicate as his father. Initially he was doing petty things - stealing speeders, breaking into shops, and selling spice. As his skills increased, along with his reputation, his jobs started to get more dangerous.


When Grask was 17, his father approached the leader of the crime syndicate - a human named Srien Gunus. Zarith was worried about his son's safety, and he wanted him out of syndicate. After some negotiating, Srien finally agreed. The next night Grask's father was killed on routine job. Grask was devastated, and he vowed to avenge his father. Little did he know that the man he worked for was actually the one responsible for Zarith's death.


At the age of 21, Grask had become an accomplished criminal. He was one of the top ranking people in the organization, taking over the job his father once held. He was respected and feared, and his named could be heard whispered in all the local cantinas. He enjoyed his life, rough as it was, but longed for a life of freedom that working in the syndicate didn't offer him. His wish soon came true though - Srien Gunus was brutally killed by a bounty hunter, immediately ending his tenure in the organization.


[-SWG Launches-]

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[Copied from Adventures of The Associates: Naboo]


The landing legs whined as the transport hovered into the spaceport. The craft gently descended to the landing pad, and let out multiple hisses as valves blew out white steam. After a few seconds of silence, multiple suction noises signaled the lowering of entrance ramps on the bottom of the craft. As they reached the ground, chaos ensued as a sea of impatient travelers exited the ship. In the middle of it all was Grask Lekkren. Grask was a slightly muscular Zabrak of about 6 feet, with tattoos adorning his cheeks, chin, and the back of his neck. His horns were evenly spaced about his head, and were all about 1 1/2 inches long. He wore a combat vest, camouflage cargo pants, combat boots, and carried a duffle bag with his luggage in it. In the middle of the chaos, he was in no hurry at all.


It had been 25 years since Grask had set foot on Naboo. He was born here, but left soon after with his father, Zarith. His father took him to the city world of Coruscant, where he lived his entire life. Having nothing left there, and wanting to return to his home world, he decided to take the next transport to Naboo. There was one problem though; he knew no one on Naboo. He would have to find a place to stay, and a way of making credits, or else he wouldn't last very long. He had some money at the moment, so he decided the more important thing would be a place to stay.


Grask casually walked out of the space terminal, and out into the city. He looked around, and took in all the beauties of Naboo. The city was not even comparable to Coruscant, but it didn't matter. Naboo was beautiful with it's lush green grass, beautiful birds, and fresh air. Grask stood in awe.


A speeder taxi sat idle a few feet away, so the Zabrak decided to get in.


Driver: Where too?


Grask: A cantina or hotel. Someplace I can stay.


With that, the taxi sped away.


As the taxi sped through the streets, Grask absorbed the city. It was less crowded then Coruscant, which he liked, but seemed almost empty. It would take some getting used to. The taxi came to a halt outside of a cantina, and the door opened. Grask paid the driver, exited the speeder, and made his way inside.


He got a room, and made his way to it. His room wasn’t very big, but it didn’t matter. All he needed was a place to sleep and keep his things. He sat on the edge of his bed and thought about what he would do next. On Coruscant, Grask had worked for a local crime lord, and been a mercenary for hire. He might be able to do that still, but it would be harder to find jobs in a place of this size. He decided not to worry about it; tonight he would enjoy himself. He had finally returned home.


Grask made his way to the main floor, and took a seat at a booth by himself. A waitress came over, and he ordered a drink. He sat back, and relaxed.

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