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list of all sw comics?

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Ok, I’ve got the ep3 bug, its almost here (less then 2 weeks) and I’m back into star wars big time, I’ve re-watched ep2, watched 1/2 of droids played my old SW games, seen the clone wars vol. 1, and even played SW clone wars risk a few times (its great btw).



I've just spend hours on the SW databank, mostly looking at expanded universe and I’ve come to the conclusion I know *** all about what when on after the movies, and before the movies for that matter, so... I need to read the comics



Does anyone know of a site where there is a complete list of all official comics? Or better still has anyone scanned them and put them up on a web site?


Ok, so I can buy the new ones, but how I am I going to get to read the old ones form the 70's?





"Does anyone know of a site where there is a complete list of all official comics?"

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good to see more ppl interested in the EU, even if it is only temporary. Well there is more to the EU than just comics, there are heaps of books out there and some decent games, but if ur trying to cram before ep3 then i suppose comics is the way to go.


If ur looking to read the comics that lead into ep3 or are somewhere in the vicinity of the prequel trilogy than i recommend reading the star wars republic series. The force.net has a timeline of all eu material, and if u go to the pre-ep3 era it lists a heap load of official comics.


Force.net Timeline


check out the comics page, under the force.net while your there, it has a lot of info.


dark horse, is the current publisher so they also have their own timeline..



Dark Horse Timeline

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