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We Support BFII and EaW


We Support any Faction within the game. We just enjoy playing!


We are a very structured clan but we love to play and discuss games. We currently have 1 Server, our BFII division commander is working on getting a second one set up and i may be able to get my hands on one soon. We also have teamspeak! We have about 60+ members now and are growing by the day, our members are from all around the world, so not only will you have a great time playing but you will make many new friends as well. Check us out!




follow the link to the forums!


you can e-mail me personally at: vader89@blacksquadron.org


I hope to see you there!


Sign Up Today!



Intelligence Chief Officer


Advisory Board

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Hi All


I am the leader of the FOF clan currently we play A game called Elite Force and are looking to expand into Battlefront 2 as EF is 5 years old and hey its a dying game lol. So we are looking for new gamers to help us start this division.


We are looking for players who like any of the classes and any of the factions we are just looking for people to help us out in this game.


Name: Federation Offensive Force

Tag: Name.FOF

Country: All

Platform: PC

Website: http://www.fof-clan.co.uk

Forum: http://www.fof-clan.co.uk/phpBB2


My msn: ffxultimateevil@hotmail.co.uk






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If you want to join a fun and active clan with lots of members, then join IGF. (imperial ground forces).

we are active

we participate in lots of tournaments

we have over 55 members

we are ranked military style

we have an awesome website: http://www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF/


If you decide to join, please put your recruiter as JT so that i may recieve credit.


My email: jtoups121@gmail.com

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Games:Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2

Members: 8 (But growing fast)

Positions Avalible: We need a third leader and all ranks bellow that are open for anyone.


If you would like to join the best clan ever I sugest you:


Reply to this message.

Go to the gwf website - http://www.thegwfclan.com

E-mail me at gamerswithfury@aol.com or chickendance2@yahoo.com




P>S>My Real Name is {GwF}Ldr.Colossus (I'm probaly gona change it because the {CP^} Colossus)

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Clan name: Yuuzhan Vong

Tag: -YV-

Global range: Europe, N. America, Australia


The Yuuzhan Vong has splintered from another clan to conquer the galaxy. As in the NJO, on the Battlefront, the Yuuzhan Vong are an unstoppable force. If you're older than the age of 13 and want to learn the ways of the warrior, email yvclan@gmail.com on how to join. Or go to www.yvclan.tk and post in the Enlistment section.



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The Republig Special Forces are recruiting, we play both SWBF and SWBFII!


Leader: -RSF-},AIRWOLF,{

Recruiter: -RSF-},AIRWOLF,{ joint with -RSF- Viper and -RSF-Silent_Sniper

Clan Tag: -RSF-

Clan Site: Our old site expired, but we're making a new one. In the mean time, visit our forums - http://www.rsfforum.co.nr

Contact info: Send an e-mail to audun_hb@hotmail.com or add me to your MSN, OR you can add my xfire (airwolfdude)

Faction: Primary Republic, but also CIS, Reb and Imp

Platform: PC

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Empire's Right Hand


Platform: PS2

Based: U.S.

Primary factions: Republic/Empire

Clan tag {ERH}

Clan site: http://erh.jconserv.net/

Contact Info

AIM: MetalJunkie101

E-mail: guitarded101@gmail.com


The Emipre's Right Hand is a clan based heavily around strategy and teamwork. We will work on things like moving in squads, flying in formation, providing coverfire, hero strategy, etc.


Only 3 requirements:

1. Preferred 18 or over. Younger ages will be considered

2. Good character and teamwork ability

3. Must have a mic or plan on getting one soon

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Clan Name: (TNT)

Link: http://tntblowout.com

Recruiting: YES

Platform: PC

Tryout required: We do not have formal tryouts, it is based on personality, but we require possible new members to get in teamspeak to get to know the clan. You must also be at least 18+ years of age.

Clan Contact: NEMESIS

Primary Battlefront Faction: We use all factions.


We are a mature gaming clan that hosts Battlefront II, COD2, BF2, BFV, and many more!!!



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Name: The 501st Legion

Website: 501st Homepage by Team-e5

Sponsorships: LucasArts, Team E5, and a few others i can't remember atm

Sides: Empire/Republic

Recruiting: Always

Platform: X-box

Member Count: Last count roughly in the upper hundreds

Location: International

Leader: Delta General

Contacts: TheLaughingMan9(me), Delta General, R A Sailor, SgtTaco806

Desciption: Most members, especially Masters, are very active. We recruit anyone as long as they are tested in 3 areas: Jedi 1v1, Assault, and Conquest. We role play a bit with Jedi, now having Coruscant Assault we have a working Jedi Council. If your looking for a cool experience with good company send one of us a friend request and we'll set up a tryout.

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Name: The dark sith empire

Website: http://s10.invisionfree.com/The_Dark_sith_Empire

Sides: All but preferably Republic/Rebels

Recruiting: Always

Platform: Ps2

Location: International

Leader: The sith emporer - me

Contacts: The sith emporer

Desciption: This is a new clan and we recruit anyone of all skill levels aslong as they don't tk. The clan is based in the Uk but we accept people of all countries to join us. The clan operates on the Ps2 console but we will accept Pc and X-box gamers aswell.

Contact info: Email me at: Lewis_tandy@hotmail.com or by leaving me a pm here. Thanks

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Name: [GS] Ghost Squad

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/gsclan_bf2

Recruiting: Yep

Location: Based in Australia but accepts international players

Leader: [GS] Kazooie (*me*)

Platform: PC

Description: We are a reasonably new clan with 12 members. We accept players of a moderate skill-level and they have to be friendly and willing to participate in clan activities.

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Name: {IA} Imperial Assasins

Website: http://imperialassasins.tripod.com

Forums: http://s9.invisionfree.com/imperialassasins/

Sides: Mostly Imperial, Rebels

Recruiting: Always

Platform: PC

Location: International

Leader: Leno

Contacts: Leno

Desciption: In {IA} you will be apart of a fun, friendly, realistic and competitive enviornment. Pro or noob it doesn't matter, we all have 1 thing in common, playing SWBF2. We are not a clan that just runs around and shoots everything they see on the battlefield, we put people in specialized squads based on a skill they have, wether there a pilot or an engineer they have a specific job to do. Teamwork is very important and with specialized jobs and everyone working together we can make alot of things happen.

Contact info: Email: mnsween@comcast.net contact me here or in the {IA} Forums

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Imperial Ground Forces





My friend IronLight has already posted about IGF, but here are the new statistics:

Ranked 2nd by BattleStats.com

83 active members

Started in 1998


IGF is a large clan that still centers around individuality, expression, and having fun. We support Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2, and Jedi Academy. Your membership is guaranteed.


Remember to list your recruiter as Aeja. Thanks

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Name: (WS) Wraith Squad

Website: http://www.wswraithsquad.co.uk (under construction)

Forums: s10.invisionfree.com/Wraith_Squad_Forums

sides: any

Recruiting: yes

Location: UK based, accepts members from europe.

Leaders: Members with a 'Wraith #' name. (I am one)

Platform: PC

Contacts: Wraith 5, Wraith 9

Joining: see our forums, and submit a request in the 'Join Wraith Squad' forum. you will recieve a reply within 2 days maximum.

Description: (WS) Wraith Squad formed shortly after the release of Battlefront 2, we are always open to new members, and hold daily training servers, and weekly recruiting servers. we have a ventrilo server, and several channels within this for different fire squads. We do not currently have a dedicated server, but our server host (Wraith 9) has a high internet connection speed, and we take all measures neccissary to reduce lag on our training servers. We are allied with several clans, including [GS] (below), =M4G=, [ALI] and }TG{. In game we focus on strategy and teamwork. And most importantly FUN!

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Name : {CE} Clone Empire

Factions: Imperial/Republic


Website : http://www.freewebs.com/thecloneempire


Servers :Sith Acadmy Students


Number of members : 67 and counting


Requirements to join : We test you in blocking and some other things. You also have to kill us 5 times


How do I join? : Send a message on the site guestbook or talk to me ingame {CE}COM.RYAN. On the guestbook tell us what times would be good for us to meet you to test you and what servers you play on.


Platform : PC and maybe others I forget.


Based : USA



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Name: SAS (Special Air Service)

Factions: Anything Space

Clan Site: http://s3.invisionfree.com/Clan_Sas

Base of Ops: Mainly USA

Console: PS2, we MIGHT go to Xbox but not likely

Tryout Required: Yes, we will test you on your ability to pilot all ships, and we will assign you a ship accordingly.

Num of Members: Not Enough

Leader: Kevzeppelin

Recruiting: Yes

Email: Aroman893@aol.com, then I'll talk to the Leader, Kev

Games: Just SWBF2, seeing as it is the only BF game with space. We might extend it to certain maps in SWBF1, but we're not there yet.


We are an ALL SPACE clan, so join us if you like Space Missions.

We will get you assigned to a squad, where you will be assigned to a ship, so if you are assigned to a bomber, in clan matches your main job is to bombard the enemy ship, etc.

Right now we have only one squad, but when it's positions and reserve positions are full we will set up another one.

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