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  1. Is it crazy that I still have LF at the top of bookmarks page even though I haven't been here in ages?
  2. I was originally going to pass on GTA:O, but I got a free month of Live, so I gave it a try. The first week was rough, I only tried twice throughout that first week and then didn't bother. After a few patches, I tried again a few days ago, and having a blast. It really helps to play with a crew/friends instead of random people who will do nohing but try and kill you. The racing is a lot of fun with crew/friends who won't be *******s and ram you off the road and whatnot. My main complaints are: 1) Can't buy grenades until level 15+, but there are missions that have you destroy vehicles/planes. That's annoying. 2) The NPCs seem to all be eagle eyed snipers. Can't tell you how many times I've been headshotted by a thug with a SMG at extreme range.
  3. I'm thinking I'm going to pass on this one. Microsoft is basically selling a Media Center PC that also plays games. My thoughts: I have a feeling everything that was demonstrated requires Xbox Live Gold. I've been told the internal hard drive is 500 GB? I don't see that being anywher near enough for installed games AND whatever DVR functionality the XBone has. Kinect - No thank you. DRM - no thank you. No idea how the XBone would integrate with my TV provider. Not to mention if my provider will be charging me extra. I think I'll be sticking with my PC. I haven't played a 360 game in ages. Microsoft is going to have a hell of a time trying to sell me on the bone.
  4. Sure, "making room". You mean your significant other is making you sell your toys, right?
  5. I'm actually looking forward to Daenerys' storyline this season, what with the dragons and unsullied. And, of course, more Arya is always a good thing.
  6. Who else is going to have a Seasons 1 and 2 marathon before the end of March?
  7. I'm waiting for them to bundle all the DLC and sell them at a steep discount. Nevermind, I had unspent MS points and felt compelled to buy them and replay ME3. I'm so weak.
  8. Paragon Lost wasn't terrible.
  9. Eh... I can always just pretend the new film doesn't exist if I don't like it. I actually like the EU slightly more than the movies... As far as I'm concerned, the clone wars cartoon and ahsoka don't exist.
  10. See that's messed up. I've got a pretty large library of games on Steam, but I'm not all hung up on that. There's no logical reason for me to be okay with Steam and be so paranoid about Amazon.
  11. So I've been looking at Kindles and flip-flopping on whether to spend my store credit on that new Kindle Paperwhite. If I didn't have the store credit I woudn't even be thinking about it. The main reason why I dislike ebooks and really haven't thought about a kindle is the terms and conditions you have to agree to. The way I interpret the fine print, Amazon (or the book publisher) can give you the finger and tell you to screw off while they delete your books without compensating you in any way. It's what you agree to when you purchase an ebook. If they tried that with my physical books, that would be theft, and I'd punch them in the face. Of course, that's an extreme, and unlikely scenario, but the thought that it's possible (and has happened before) does not endear me to the kindle and ebooks in general. And don't get me started on the pricing. There's no sane reason an ebook should cost more than a paperback. I'm thinking I'll wait a couple more years to see what happens. Who knows, maybe ebooks will become DRM free like mp3s are leaning towards. Wow, I sound like a curmudgeonly old coot when it comes to my books. /end rambling Who here owns an eReader or purchases eBooks? What are your thoughts? Has your eperience been positive or negative?
  12. >.> I use a 360 gamepad for some PC games...
  13. It does look pretty cool. The shooting doesn't bother me. I just hope the PC version isn't a crappy console port.
  14. It certainly does look pretty, and I like that it's a mature rated game as well. I'm not a super big fan of the Uncharted games, so I hope they don't take too much inspiration from them.
  15. I hear TOR will be F2P up to level 15 in July. I was wondering how many people still played? I stopped playing after the first month or two due to loss of interest and other games coming along. I love the engaging stories and fully voiced NPCs, but in the end, it still feels the same as any other MMO I've played.
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