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  1. Hopefully they are spending a lot of time on the quality like the video claims. But claims like that aren't too hard to make in a 3 minute video.
  2. I just finished: Inside the Jihad - its a bit outdated being from 2007, but if you ignore all of the talk about governmental change not being possible in places like Egypt and Syria, it does give a good and interesting look at the reaction of the Middle East to 9/11, as well as major opinions held by different radical groups in the region over the past 50 or so years. Starbuck'd One of the most interesting books I've read recently, its a fairly objective case study of Starbucks, its effect on society and the industries connected with starbucks and the coffee industry in general. If you want to love or hate starbucks after reading it, you'll be out of luck, because it leaves starbucks in a very grey shade. Through the Bramblebush - its about law school, unless you're going to law school you won't care. Modern Russia - a basic introduction to Russian society and history over the past 200 or so years. As with the first, its outdated being from 2003, and barely even discussing Putin, but historically and socially it was quite fascinating for a lay person.
  3. Regardless of what they call it, something tells me that it will be known commonly as battlefront 3
  4. This place might become more than the ghost town that it is now...
  5. Its no discovery, but I do agree that there is a lot of good and not that much meh in it.
  6. I'm looking forward to the Germany-Greece game. Regardless of who the victor is, Greece is still Germany's economic bitch.
  7. I rarely have issues not being able to play games offline, usually the only times are when games require Games For Windows, and disable the ability to save or load when not connected to their servers *cough* red faction guerrilla *cough*
  8. I haven't seen it but apparently their marketing has been damned effective on me since my entire dream last night was about it. We won by the way, my shopping mall that somehow turned into a derelict capital ship in one of my most bizarre dream transitions ever managed to survive its first encounter with the aliens aboard the Prometheus and return home to rally reinforcements. The highlight of my dream movie thing was the fact that apparently beer bottles were acceptable ammunition for my ship's one single cannon, which happened to be a hole in the side of the ship that I kicked things through to shoot them.
  9. We can either vote for a left/moderate republican or a right/moderate democrat. So basically the same person. Here's the political compass of the election this year. Not a great source but an easy source. http://www.politicalcompass.org/uselection2012 Paul is a racist whose austerity ideas would crash our economy if enacted as quickly as he wanted. Annnddd I'm out.
  10. That figures, of all of the people to fall into my clever trap, it was the brains of the operation. I feel like I'm on a list now. If you guys need me I'm NOT going to the battlefront section to lay low.
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