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  1. Hey brotherhood, welcome to 2011, Bin Laden is dead and Freeradical is gone. Enjoy your stay!
  2. I L.O.V.E. Garry's Mod!

  3. My dad found me passed out next to my bathroom at 3 am last saturday, he apparently asked if I was drunk and I said yes, and because of that all he made me do was shovel the drive way which I would have had to do had I not broken any laws anyways. Now Im planning on going partying the night before my placement test for college, and my friend and I are introducing another friend to alcohol, with the use of absinthe. Good times
  4. Really the only thing we could officially act on is the first thing, Ill send a message to Phreak or ET when I get the chance
  5. Aye, mate! Glado to know there are others who enjoy a good drink here!


    A toast to that! XD

  6. Thats a give bokken, tough love is the only way to reform new members. I remember when tyrone visited a couple of months after our bans were up and his spelling and grammar were much improved, I was quite happy with my efforts.
  7. I think its time we organize some things on our lovely board and set some things straight so we all agree on things and stay consistent. The first order of business I would have to say is thread necroing. As we can see from our latest example, the one who fails to understand sarcasm, we have a bit of a problem with newbies necroing posts. And as was suggested in another post, we could rez some older topics. I feel as if there should be a couple of topics that we leave totally open to necroing since they're basically on going topics that people like to post in for their first posts without
  8. Drinking ages to me are more like drinking suggestions. And I dont like suggestions when they infringe on my fun every friday and saturday night
  9. It sounds like it could work, although a lot of the old topics are just the same debates over in game jedi and balancing things that we've been having for ever. As for drink of choice, I am a fan of UV blue.
  10. Haha thanks, I figured it would be nice to have a place where we could post if the section reverts back to its previous state of death and stupidity(IE, if another tyrone or arthurcourt shows up).
  11. thanks, when I was in Germany I went to a bunch of white rose related stuff like the building they were arrested in and their graves, it was pretty neat.

  12. xD The White Rose... I love your icon.

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