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New kotor 2 story mod


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I am planning to make a total conversion mod or story line mod for Kotor 2, which I have already planned out:



Star Wars Kotor 2


The war against bashanni/Dark Side Mod








After cutscene


Player talks to Bashanni

Player must kill all republic troops in module

Player finds Bastila

Bastila beats Player, Player took to ebon hawk prisoner


Ebon Hawk/Same


Ebon hawk Damaged!!!!


T3 Must repair ebon-hawk, Give Player medpack

Kill sith troopers attempting to rescue Player



Remember there will be party members joining + Cutscenes+Dialouges






Player must escape TSF

Fight Carth





Return to bashanni

Fight back the second republic attack

Fight Bastila & Carth




Player must kill every living thing

Final battle!!! : Carth,Bastila and 3 republic soilders


Jessinger Last Level/Ravanger


Player must Kill Bashanni and become lord of the Sith

Player Must kill kotor 1 & 2 surviving party members


_______END CREDITS_______



But to create this I need some help, (Assemble a team) I need a


Experienced Storyline creator (like gsccc)


A good scriptor


A model creator


Someone who can use the whereami armband (Beacuse i have put in EnableCheats=1 and tried to bring up the command thing but still nothing happens after pressing the ~ key and I have tried the ' key but no luck)


Someone who can do voices


Someone to come up with Ideas




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yes it does, ( but keep the idea where u kill carth and bastila... i hated them, and the idea about fighting a bunch of dudes) It starts out weird, like give a description of bashanni from other characters in the game, and when we get an idea of ...it then it appears as a sith leader and the pc works for it.

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