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Dedicated Server Connection Interrupted

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First off,


HELLO! (my first post)


I am having a problem and have tried everything I know and seek guidance...

I have been running a jk2 server for a couple years now and never had a problem...


I run the latest DCmod on my Dedicated server.


When I connect to my own server (same computer) I can play for a moment and about 10 times a second I get connection interrupted and so does every player on the server.


Running on Port 28070


I have...


I ran 3 adware/spyware removers (got rid of like 10 hidden programs)

Ran 2 different Antivirus, with No viruses found

cleaned out all my caches'


updated Network Card Drivers

updated Video Card drivers

Gave more memory resources to my network cards IRQ

upped my hunkmegs in the config files for jk2

disables all NON system needed background services

removed unused programs


I have tested internet speed and I am actually faster upload/download than 2 months ago on a regular basis. So i should be running smoothly.


but I am still getting this issue...


Now a quick background... I have an annoying user who enjoys connection to my server (no matter how many times I ban) and will crash me. I have sent abuse emails to his/her ISP including logs showing his/her ip attacking, with no response from them, but I am worried that person has done something to cause my server to lag out permanently now.


I have NOT re-installed as this problem is less than 2-3 weeks old and want to cover all options first before reinstall.


If you have any advice or thoughts into this matter I'd appreciate it...


p4 2.0

1gb ram

200gb main drive

100gb slave


and again.. I have run this server for years with NO problem until the past 2-3 weeks when the server crashing started from that moron.

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  • 4 months later...

no responses.. anyone have and Idead?


In the meantime I've done the following with not luck..


Changed IP address

Changed Mods (Went to DS-Online mod)



However.. I ran a server with NO MOD and there was absolutely NO lag spikes.. what's up with that?


I didn't list my video card before.. it's the nVidia 256mb 7800GC OS card (AGP)

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I might can help alittle.

first you have to know that i cant answer when it comes to DCmod questions.

Which Operativ system are you using ?

Ill take the things step by step.

Try also this scanner




If you want single good free Virus Scanner that i also use on my Jedi-Academy-Duel Server then its this one

http://www.free-av.com ( doesnt detect adware or spyware ) but does detect trojan, virus, worms and alot more like phisning and couple of others.

Good luck for now and dont make a new installation yet.

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