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How to post your fanfic here?


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As you can see we have a brand new forum reserved for finished fanfics: The Jedi Archives.


Hopefully this will make reading and finding fanfics somewhat easier than it was until now. Mach will probably also find it useful to make his reviews!


I guess your concern is: "Help! I can't post my masterpiece in the Jedi Archives!"


Well yes, you're right. The new forum does not accept new posts...just like the tutorial forums at Holowan labs. Posting in this forum has been restricted to specific individuals (KotOR moderators, admins and Jae Onasi) to ensure that threads will not be cluttered with multiple comments and that fanfics will remain in a readable state.


So how can you get your final fanfic posted up there?


Very simple: once your fanfic is finished, just start a new thread and post a clean copy of your fanfic in the general fanfic forum with the expression [FIN] in the title and we'll move it to the Jedi Archives.


Don't start a FIN thread if you have not finished your story. If you start a FIN thread before you have completed work on your fic, the FIN thread will be deleted. Once you open a FIN thread, you must transfer your story to it within a week so that it can be moved to the Archives in a timely manner. Contact a moderator if you experience some unusual circumstance that would prevent you from completing it in a week.


If your final story is not being moved to the Jedi Archives, we may just have missed your thread and you can PM me, RedHawke, stingerhs or your new forum mum, Jae Onasi. (Just be patient as we are not always online and there may be quite a few fanfics to move at the beginning. Even if some of you think we are aliens, you are wrong and we still need to eat, sleep, go to work, prepare tax returns, etc.)



Note that our regular forum rules still apply and keep in mind this is a PG-13 forum. Also, if u rite a story u want 2 post ther, please make a minimum effort to use decent spelling, grammar and punctuation. We're not asking for perfection, but your story has to be readable.


Don't forget to add a link to the WIP thread in your [FIN] thread if you wish to receive feedback!


Finally, in order to avoid unwanted situations where a moderator would move your [FIN] thread while you are still putting it together, make a post at the end of your thread with the words The End once you are done. We won't move until we see that post. Once we move the fanfic, we will delete the said post.


Added myself to the list as I don't mind moving threads. ;) -RH

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