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Looking for a JA clan


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Hey all!!!

First, let me introduce myself. I'm 17 and im spanish. In game i use duals (don't think im a noob because of that, i own xD). I like to have fun, that's the main point of te game, i think.

My experience with clans hasn't been too good cause the most of them weren't active clans. So now im looking for a clan that has active members, where i can have fun, and get better at same time. It would be better for me if its an European clan because of ping and timezones.

Hope to have some answears


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Very active. We have a few members from out of the US, but it doesn't seem to have much effect on their game play. Your best bet is to play on our server for awhile. I don't have the IP off hand, but its at the top of the FFA server list as ...............EMP HQ

See how it fits and if you like it, check out the forums(link posted) and fill out an app. Just don't be an ass...we already have an ass in the clan and its me.

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