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  1. So, I know your a DMC fan. The other day, my fiance' comes home and she hands me a magazine and says 'Hey, my dad found something you might like'. First page lies this beauty: http://budk.com/product.asp?pn=43%20UC2596


    Figured if anyone could appreciate it, it'd be you.

  2. i felt that a "your mom" insult was the best kind given your mental capacity

  3. How incredibly sub-par for an insulter of your stature.

  4. Who's a shmuck? YOU ARE!!!

  5. Yea, you can add me whenever. I can't promise I'll add you right away - mostly because I don't check my messages all that often.

  6. hey mind if i add you to my friends on xbox live? mine is OBVIOUS DOOM

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