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  1. Quality>Quantity. Suck it. lol
  2. I'm surprised you can feel the sensation, Dath. Must be a recent development?
  3. My license is suspended for 90 days! Hooray! Keeping with my new attitude of seeing the silver lining - it gives me an excuse to exercise again (by riding a bike to work).
  4. TFU 1 wasn't bad. I'd really rather not talk about the 2nd one, though.
  5. Psh, I was wearing my top hat long before your suggested revolution. Truth be told, it's funniest at a theater.
  6. If you think that's the worst thing to happen, I suggest you not read the crap that happens 100 ABY. It goes downhill in a hurry.
  7. I was trying to make fun of games that have tried using their pretty graphics as their main selling point, but I've yet to get a good nights sleep in the past 2 weeks, so any examples I may have been thinking of are lost in what is essentially a bunch of screaming maniacs being smothered by pillows behind foggy glass. It's really a mess in there.
  8. Which, unfortunately (fortunately?), drives away all the people who are just like 'merp the Force Jedi merp'. It looks pretty, but one does not sell a game simply because it looks pretty.
  9. This is what I come back to? What the hell happened here? (also, I want my 10 year badge)
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