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[FIN]Star Wars: Hunger of the Force


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Star Wars

The Hunger of the Force


Nihilus stood up and looked around. He was in the Ravager suddenly he remembered. The battle aboard this ship against the Exile. He reached up and pulled back his hood, it exposed the face of his former name, Zayne Carrick. Nihilus walked through the Ravager Bridge and entered the escape pod bay. He then quickly used the force to jump into one. He slammed his hand against the control panel to get it to launch. It then fired off into space, and the ship exploded behind him.


The escape pod flew toward the Unknown Regions; Nihilus had hacked into it to put in the coordinates for that Region. He had to find Revan and tell him what had happened to there plan. Nihilus had met Revan name under the name Zayne. Revan had told him to find Darth Traya to learn the ways of the sith. Then he was to absorb all the Republic planets and conquer those Regions. Only then would Revan return from the Unknown Regions with it conquered too, so they could rule the galaxy. But the Jedi Exile had put an end to those plans for good.


Nihilus’s escape pod soon landed on the planet “Yoggoy” in the Unknown Regions. He leapt out of the escape pod and looked around. There was another escape pod close to him but it looked old. He assumed it was from the end of the Jedi Civil War, about 5 years ago. He walked over to it and looked inside. Nihilus examined the ground and saw faint traces of a fire.


“Zayne, you are,” a voice said.


“Yes, I thought I killed you on Katarr, Vandar,”


“No, Zayne you did not,”


“Well I make a good job here,”


With that he activated his Red saber. Vandar replied by activating a blue saber. Nihilus charged at Vandar hoping to end the battle quick. But Vandar flipped to the side and reached down to reveal another green lightsaber. Nihilus stared, all the years Vandar had trained him he had never seen him use two lightsabers. He had changed since Katarr.


The two clashed together over and over again. But Vandar had noticed that he could not break Nihilus’s defense nor could his be broken.


Vandar jumped away and lowered his sabers. “Pointless this is,” he said. “Another time, Zayne, another time.” With that Vandar ran to a hidden ship behind a mound. He jumped in and flew away.


Nihilus sighed in failure. He sat down to meditate until Revan found him.




Its pretty short. Also Zayne was a possible Nihilus as i found out at wookiepedia.

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