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MotS Player Call out! the class of 1998-2000


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I kid... I kid...


What are you up to these days, Bee?


Ummm, first off HEY! to all you OLD SCHOOL MoTS players. (that goes to you to Amer). I miss those days and I wish we could all go back so I can beat all your asses again.



What Ive been up to, Im 28 now, married and have two boys Luke and Taylor which are 3 and 6. We recently bought our first house in Vancouver Washington.

Im an electrician for Ibew local 48 in the Portland area here.



If you or anyone wants to try to get a game together or just bs in the future here is my email cce633@tmail.com










Later and DA YO


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Sup all, I was "GoldenWulf" and "ENFORCER" (lol...) back in the day. I don't exactly remember being revered, but I was also like 12 years old at the time. All these dudes were gods to me, nice to see everyone is still around.

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Ummm, first off HEY! to all you OLD SCHOOL MoTS players. (that goes to you to Amer). I miss those days and I wish we could all go back so I can beat all your asses again.



What Ive been up to, Im 28 now, married and have two boys Luke and Taylor which are 3 and 6. We recently bought our first house in Vancouver Washington.

Im an electrician for Ibew local 48 in the Portland area here.



If you or anyone wants to try to get a game together or just bs in the future here is my email cce633@tmail.com










Later and DA YO



small world it is, I work in lake oswego and grew up in the Portland Area. When I get home I'm going to post some good owned SS's ftw.

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Funny one I found, I can't believe I still have crap this old.


KenpoX> im sick of this whole "clan" thing

(Exit)> IR_Slave

xX__MAX__Xx> that's why i quit


KenpoX> ya... sure

xX__MAX__Xx> ok

KenpoX> to start MD

xX__MAX__Xx> ass


xX__MAX__Xx> i'm not in MD punk ass

KenpoX> dont BS me

KenpoX> whereever cap goes... yer sure to follow

_Sirbob_> lol

xX__MAX__Xx> why are you acting like an *******?

KenpoX> along wit the rest

_Sirbob_> hehe

KenpoX> cause im sick of the ****

_Sirbob_> get him max

xX__MAX__Xx> no reaon to

xX__MAX__Xx> reason

_Sirbob_> ah

KenpoX> In my book there is ONLY a few JOTS memvers that derserve some props

xX__MAX__Xx> like who?

_Sirbob_> which

KenpoX> GEN


KenpoX> KUAT

KenpoX> VAL

KenpoX> KEEN

xX__MAX__Xx> that's why u accuse keen of hacking in front of everybody huh?

KenpoX> they stuck wit me...

_Sirbob_> im sirbob

KenpoX> KEEN knows im playin

(Exit)> Bartwalker

_Sirbob_> i suck

xX__MAX__Xx> other ppl here dont

KenpoX> ****... the whole freakin 17 ppl believe me?

KenpoX> that KEEN is a hack?.

_Sirbob_> agajnst cheats i suck

KenpoX> lol

xX__MAX__Xx> 22

The_Julio> some people dont care

xX__MAX__Xx> anyway

_Sirbob_> about ???

KenpoX> im pissed man...

KenpoX> real piss

KenpoX> ed

xX__MAX__Xx> u should calm down and act liek yourself again

KenpoX> ya..

KenpoX> myself?

_Sirbob_> hehe

xX__MAX__Xx> and stop dogging me

KenpoX> dogging?

_Sirbob_> zone.......lol

xX__MAX__Xx> talking **** to me



KenpoX> ?.

KenpoX> ?

KenpoX> ?.

KenpoX> .

KenpoX> .

KenpoX> ?

xX__MAX__Xx> who left who????

KenpoX> YA

KenpoX> !

KenpoX> WHO!

xX__MAX__Xx> i quit the damn clan like a month ago

_Sirbob_> hmm

xX__MAX__Xx> you want to know a secret?????

KenpoX> ok.. like 2 weeks ago

xX__MAX__Xx> IT'S JUST A GAME!!!!!!!!

The_Julio> lol

xX__MAX__Xx> it's not real life

KenpoX> adios max

_Sirbob_> no its real

KenpoX> c ya round

xX__MAX__Xx> later

(Exit)> KenpoX

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Keen, you're an ass :)


Well, since people keep posting here, I decided to finally register. I saw this thread a while ago, but I figured people would post on the newer forum those JKLE guys made, so I registered on there.


Check out this thread I made. It's got some good history stuff :)




Here's an update of what's been going on: I kept in touch with many MOTS people for many years. But at this point it's just been too long, so I've lost touch with most.


I still talk to Phoenix_NBK because he's one of my best real life friends. He's married and has 2 kids.

I lost touch with YoungGun. Last time I talked to him was probably 4 years ago...he was happily married.

Suffo I stayed in touch with too, but then he just completely disappeared. I've tried to get in touch with him several times, but he never returns a single phone call. I guess he became too important with his music stuff to talk to old friends.

Nicodemus I still talk to like once or twice a year. He still lives like an hour from me, so I'm sure we'll hang out again one of these days. He still drinks Bud Ice, and so do I, lol.

Sticky_NBK's cell number is in my phone, so technically we're in touch, but we haven't spoken in a couple years. He's happily married too, last I heard.

Kuatnow and Law are still on the east coast. I very recently found them both and added them on Facebook.


I think that's about all. Hope I won't be the last to post here.

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By the way, I was bored and just wrote this thread to start some **** with the JK people on those forums. Figured I'd post it here too :)




Thread title: "I own you all..."



That is called an attention grabber. The real reason I made this thread is to state my argument on why MOTS was superior to JK. Which, I guess, validates the title, but whatever...


Far fewer people played MOTS than JK. This is JK's one true advantage. The more people, the more competition. This applies to all video games. But that is not the only factor deciding how much skill a game requires. Just look at Counter Strike. Probably the most popular FPS of all time, but designed for newbies. In a sense, that's why it was so popular. Literally anybody could play it. There's absolutely no doubt that JK/MOTS took more skill than CS, hence the far smaller communities. Anyway, with game population out of the way...


Let's talk about damage. JK's damage was not quite perfect. It took only 2 direct Conc rifle shots to get a kill. In MOTS, they changed it to 3. This created a bigger gap between the good and bad players. It took a bit more effort to get kills, and took away some luck. But mainly, it greatly helped with spawn rape. Being able to take more damage allowed players a much better chance to get back into the game after they died once. The game came down to more than just controlling the map, like JK.


MOTS also had much more powerful weapons than JK, to balance the "extra health". Seekers could completely own anybody in the open, and Carbonite was a guaranteed death if a good player got near you with it. So the Conc wasn't your only salvation. After dying, you could go for 3 different weapon types, and have a reasonable chance of changing the momentum of the game. Compare this with JK, where if you died once, you most likely lost the match. Because after that, you were just raped, not able to get the ONE gun in the game that was usable, because it was controlled by your opponent. This made things more interesting for the person getting the kill too.

Instead of just getting to spawn rape the opponent, after getting a kill, you had to actually keep playing.


But enough about about damage. Here is the main point of this post. JK had a grand total of 2 maps. If you played guns, you played on Oasis. If you played sabers, you played on BGJ. If you were a master of the game and played both, you were a master of two whole maps. This is very different from most FPS games, that have a plethora of playable maps. JK came down to pure repetition. There was very little thinking involved; no new material was learned. It was simple repetition of the same exact thing. Naturally, people who had done it 1000 times more than others were better.


MOTS, on the other hand, was much different. There were a lot more game types and a lot more maps to master. And here is the ultimate difference:

To be considered one of the best in JK, you had to be really good at one total game type, on one total map.

To be considered one of the best in MOTS, you had to be good at every single game type in the game - and we had a lot a more:

NF Guns

NF Sabers

FF Guns

FF Sabers

Soldiers only

Scouts only

Bounty Hunters only



Plus more maps:


Cargo Ship


Tat. Homestead

Throne Room


Hutt Palace

Plus quite a few custom maps, and unlike JK, these weren't all just ports of Oasis or BGJ.


That is exactly twice the total game types of JK and several times the levels. And don't think these were just "possibilities". They were some of the most played game types and maps in the history of the game. And to be mentioned as one of the best, you had to be very good at every single one (or something like 95% of them). Some of the game types were very different from anything JK had to offer. Soldiers played more like a Quake-type FPS, BH came down to knowing something most didn't, and Scouts was something no other game has had in the history of gaming.


The greatest part of the game, however, was Personalities. All 4 were allowed: Jedi, Soldier, Bouty Hunter, and Scout. They were extremely well balanced. While certain classes dominated on one map, others dominated other maps. The different combinations of top players playing different personalities on different maps was something JK had no possible way of competing with. And again, all the people considered "one of the best of all time" were really good at everything the game had to offer.


Lastly, I think everybody that was at least semi-actively involved in both communities would admit that ours was better. It was smaller, but it was also a lot more tightly-knit. There were far fewer idiots, and far fewer newbies. We did have the same great **** talk; after all, it was the Zone. It just wasn't quite as much drama as JK.


Anyway, of course I'm not saying that JK didn't require a lot of skill. I'm saying that MOTS required the same skill, plus a lot more. While JK was completely focused, MOTS was well-rounded. It's like comparing a regular track athlete with a decathlete. You can have a guy that's really good at high jump, but sucks horribly at every single other track&field event. And then you have a decathlete, who dominates in 10 different events. Doesn't mean the great high jumper sucks. Just means the decathletes are much better athletes overall


And don't bring up Usain Bolt, because he doesn't seem to be human.



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wow... damn whats good vapz? i use to be GDS_DyCe.. in jedi knight i was dynamicz **** i havent played jk or mots since i was 16 or 17 (im 22 now)

i stoped playin mots prolly 2001? i dont even know i played jk then till 2004? i just decided to google **** the other day and i found this thread.. and the IRC chat i actually played a few games its wierd haha... i ****in miss the zone..

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I'm still here, just thought i'd check back on this thread, wow loads more replys!!


Hey Dyce, I remember ya bro, hope things are good!!


Nice to see Punisher, Confed and others still remembering how good the Mots days were :)


Hahaha Maxanass!!






P.S - I'm getting old, but not as old as GDS_Venom ;)

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GDS_VeNoM checking it. Great to see many of you guys are still alive and kicking, I have fond memories of alot of you guys.


Just to update you on what happened to GDS cos VapZ messed up again as usual.


In the final days of MoTS in 1999, Newbies Incorporated was formed (originally a MoTS alias clan) and we went on to play RTCW, CoD and anything else that had a crosshair and was decent. VapZ was useless at these games though cos you couldn't freeze tag them with lag, so he never played, but some of our MoTS guys are still playing together today (me, cRo, Maddog etc).


Most of GDS are still in touch too, and I'm personally still in touch with practically all the guys from our MoTS clan. When they said GDS forever, they weren't kidding!


Anyhoo, booooooooooooring. Again, nice seeing you all. Like I said, have great memories of Max and Cowboy kicking the crap out of me on numerous occasions and then quitting the scene when I was obviously becoming too good. Hmm yes. I actually have MoTS installed now. Let's go!


Some screenshots for you too (I still have about 300 of them and some of you guys feature heavily).


1. With Vapz and Majik in the GDS Arena NF Sabers



2. The closest I ever got to beating MAX



3. GDS NF Sabers Tourney



4. Testing arena with Ognob



5. GDS Cargo Soldiers



6. Aliases are fun, ask NGK Pyreus



7. USE vs GDS to decide who was the better clan (this after I infiltrated their clan as USE_Kooler just so I could play the "unbeatable USE God Vegeta"). Point proved methinks.




8. *WAVES to Confed*


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Holyyyy ****!


Whats up llamas.


I cant believe its been over 10 years. I still talk to a few people from the MotS, mostly YoungGun, and Dragonfire's mom.


I work as an artist now, for a video game company in LA, but illustration and gallery shows is my true passion. You can check out my art n stuff at




I played Wow for a good bit, but I think I'm done with that part of my life, I spend most of my video game hours playing Call of Duty on 360 (add me: sirmitcheii)


and for all the gay dudes out there, heres a picture of my wife, my new pal, and me http://sirmikeofmitchell.com/sirmitchell/lrm.JPG


If you guys ever want to catch up, hit me up on aim at lazymitchell or on gtalk at mikepmitchell


or just email me. Mike@sirmikeofmitchell.com


****, what a blast from the past this thread is....

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omfg, i googled sticky_NBK and I found gold




"StiCKy_NBK: This guy never actually played mots, he just sorta sat in the room and made fun of everyone for being no good. I couldn't understand his problem. Nowadays the tide has turned, everyone found out that his job in life is to refill those machines that have bags of ice at your local walmart and ****. Haha we started making fun of him with that in the mots room and I snagged the z name SLUSHY_MAN just to add some more topping to the cake"

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