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Many questions so little wookies


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Hi all


New to boards but not so new to the galaxies world.


Im not in game or have i been for a very long time. Yes im a old skooler was on infinty server month after it went live....


Well ive been hearing some half decent things about the game state, and then i hear the same old bugs.


I cant play the game full stop - AMD dual core thing apparently so i get like 2 mins before my whole system go AEIOU (freeze the 80's band??) oh well. heh


Hows the game at present? beastmaster is clearly a mix of Pet handler with BE and im sure some world of kidcraft got some influences in there.


Im not down on SOE or anyone - PRE cu well it was great but it also had it bugs and glitches...i can say i dont want pre cu back, my ideal situation is they revamp swg - give it an overhaul bring the graphics and everything into the modern day, it would look shinyer and much more oooo just look at the force unleashed stuff to show what they can do nowdays...


Easy fixes really - polish, hide jedi into the secrecy side and make it a prof worth questing towards again. and bring back some of the other profs give the players that felixbilty to be different..


Thats all i would do..


Lets face it, star wars has turned into jedi wars, in film too - heavy heavy jedi themes to all the new themes and to me it wasnt just about jedi, greedo the little chap was cool and jabba and all the henchman, jawas still make me giggle today obviously shooting one in the head is alot more funnier but still ..


Theres such much to the swg universe its endless, and to focus on just jedi i feel is wrong.


Anyways those that recognise me say hi , those that dont say hi too...lemmie know re the amd thing if any of you peeps can help and also lemmie know about the game, i still love it even if it where it is now...


I used to hang with mr super btw...usually outside the catinas asking passing adults to buy us some vers brandy and get refused also used to steal kaddus and do donuts in bestine...those were the days...

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Guest DarthMaulUK

Hi there. You should give the 21 day free trial a crack. Simply login to your old Galaxies account. The fact your game work, will probably be graphic card related, rather than processor. Post your dxdiag in the tech support forum ( http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=703 ) and i can have a look.


This thread - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=181280 will help you understand about the drivers and dxdiag

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the 21day thing not working for me


I logged in before posting and zip, same as usual cancelled and play says ive have setup a sub...


I saw that off the main page but afraid to say it doesnt reference to anywhere on the main SOE page, i searched for ages for it but its not listed anywhere...


Drivers hmm never heard that i read off the tech support forums for SWG that dual core AMD are a known problem, bear in mind was a player answering as the CS's or TS just dont answer anything...


Ill see what i can do about the dxdiag, thanks for offering dude, much appreciated.

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