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tweaking a mod item ?


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hi there, i recently altered a robe that was from a mod, most of the robes in kotor II i dont really like, basically i am trying to make it less uber, and wear it early on in the game


problem is i opened it with the .giff drop down menu, changed the properties and they did not change in game, technically this mod is a disguise not a robe exactly


so is there anyway to change this, i have edited items in the past so i know how, any sugestion, basically i just hit save not save as xml and place it in the overide folder which is where the original robe was


basically this mod is one of the turn a disguise into a item and give it properties so it appears as a robe you can wear, but is actually a disguise



also i should mention i wont be redistrubuting this if anyone is concerned about that just for my own personal use

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