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Help: Can't Make Units Despite Deleting


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Hi everyone,


I recently bought the Gold Pack and am playing a "equal footing" galactic conquest.


I am on day 30 and cannot build new units anywhere despite having deleted about 5 units. The population counter seems to indicate I have less then the cap. Which number indicates how many you can have? The one on the right or the one on the left?


What could I be doing wrong?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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The unit counter on the galactic map is on the left of the screen under the planet's name and your Tech level. It's just a fraction with a numerator and denominator. The right number (after the backslash) is the maximum number of units you can have and the left number is the current number of units you have. If you click on a planet and see that the units you can build are no longer lit up or highlighted (they're faded) that means you've reached the maximum number of units. Also, how many planets are in your control determines the maximum number of units you can build. If you've had any of your planets conquered by another faction you may have had your cap lowered. See if that's it.


What faction are you playing? I'm playing Equal Footing too as the Empire and so far the Consortium is giving me tons of problems on the hard difficulty setting.

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Thanks for your reply, you are right on the money!


I am playing as Rebels on medium, Lost Mon Calamari, Conquered Dantooine, won some space battles and lost some and had various heroic defensive wins against the empire on land including one where they brought like 4 AT-STs, some AT-ATs and lots of infantry and in the end it was one of mine infs vs one of theirs and mine won lol!


Only thing that bothers me is, right now I conquered Dantooine with a blitz of 4 T2-Bs but as soon as I got the planet all T2-B unis are just gone... I have no idea why tha happened :(

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