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KOTOR Tool Help!!!!

Lord Revan63

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Hey im still new to the KOTOR Tool stuff and i was in a deep thought. Can I, if possible,Make KOTOR 1 like i want it i mean like i had an idea to change the whole game to wear revan(me) and malak recruit jedi for the mandalorian war, then fight mandalorians on planets.After that, do what they did in finding the Starmaps mainly the one on dantooine.after that have the Leviathen (a.k.a revans flagship) and have a tour of it as revan(in whole darkside revan robe).....like as if u were Malak on his ship. then have a few space fights(enemys board or u(revan) and ur troops board a ship. then it leads up to the jedi trap of Bastila and her jedi !!!! there is one mod i found but it isnt like what i wanted...i know how to make a mod but i wanted to know if i could do it before i actually started. the mod is at """"FileFront.com"""". Plz help me.....the mod is under "added content" and is called "Brother Hood of Shadow" plz help me .....here are some photos i was meaning in the starmap finding and the jedi trap, oh and the jedi recruit......




they r not my game pics but i want to show u wat i mean(these r from the modder there r more but they r the ones i dont want)














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