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Tatooine Skirmish


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How do you beat the Consortium in skirmish mode on the Tatooine map?


They're really difficult during most skirmish battles, but I really can't win on Tatooine. It seems that they're units are all too powerful. I seem to have a better chance to beat the Consortium playing as the Rebels than as the Empire. I can't even seem to defend one refinery even if I have two artillery units, eight T2-B tanks, Rebel speeders, and a bunker full of snipers and PLEX soldiers. The AI uses the long-range missile tanks, the Canderous Assault Tank, Destroyer Droids, and heroes to destroy my refinery and then continue to my base. Of course the Rebel turrets I construct are useless compared to the Consortium's turrets. I think the layout of the map also makes it difficult b/c you have to defend your base and refineries from multiple directions.


Anyone have any tips?

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