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The best JA+ Server config.Also have damages near to base ones.


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Hello. My name is AlcSilian and i have a server. I tested all kinds of mods. ClanMod, JA+, XMod.

For the XMod - its very cool, base damages, etc. Not very used.

ClanMod- always in expansion. still it miss some things.

JA+ - i think its very cool. but as i saw has big problems with the damages.

I started this thread here with the hope that a server specialist will saw and help me and others that experience the same problem. I heart that with some tweaks you can get a near base jka damage. So i ask everyone that has any ideeas what are those tweaks.Also let's make a config together, with description for all variables.

I also sticked on 2.3Beta1. Now who can help me with those tweaks?

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See i use 2.3beta 1 cause the damages are not so messed up. 2.4beta 3 has the damages real bad.. :(

In 2.4 Beta 3, there are way less bugs, and you get the choice to set damages to Singleplayer or Multiplayer, or to your own custom setting.

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