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Retexturing existing models


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I've never really liked Visas' default head so I decided to replace it with a custom head I downloaded. I did however like Visas' default robe and thought to keep it, unfortunately I noticed that Visas' collarbone was actually part of the head model and not the body; so whenever I try to put any new head on Visas' body, there is a noticeable gap between them and the head hovers a bit above.


My only choice was to put a new body on Visas to correct this issue. I found a mod that brings a custom version of Atris' body with 6 different textures, including one with similar colors to Visas' originals (Red and black). I renamed the mdl and mdx files to P_VisasBB and sure enough I have the new body working perfectly. A bit weird, but the body uses Atris' default textures (The white robe) even though I renamed the body to Visas. When I attempt to rename the model's textures in the appearance.2da to use the custom ones, the model appears without any textures at all.


I can use the model as is, with Atris' default white textures and keep my custom head; but it's a bit weird to see Visas with those colors as she's been a Sith Acolyte up until that time. I would like to try some of the custom Atris textures the mod brought, that way it not only has less Light Side colors but also doesn't have Visas and Atris wearing exactly the same robe. So my question is what do I have to change in the appearance.2da in order for the custom textures to show up on the model?


I renamed the texture to P_VisasBB and then changed every block in the 2da that used the P_VisasBB model accordingly (There are 3 entries overall: modelb, modeli, modeln and I also tried renaming all texture blocks except those of modela), but still ingame the clothes model appears blank. Does anyone know what I'm missing or doing wrong?



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