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I confirm that the "8 hours and repetitive gameplay" is pure lie.


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On my first playthrough I played it on Sith Warrior. Not that hard. I started the game again w/ all powers ext carried over on Sith Lord difficulty and was amazed at how hard it was. I beat the first level pretty quickly, but the second level really got to me. I changed the difficulty back to Sith Warrior, and finished the game.


I haven't had the courage to try to play it on Sith Lord difficulty. Yet. I will defeat it and and then boast about it. :xp: lol

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Well, I've got it for 360 and just played on apprentice (and a bugged play with the normal text glich by the way) and actually it's nearly 12 hours of gameplay, but i did it just to go easy and follow the plot without my nerves suiciding. Now I'm going through it time over time to get the kill achievements and I'm still on it since october 6 playing when I can but I should be over the 30 hours of actual gameplay. Then I'll start a new game as sith warrior to get the holocrons, then another at sith lord and then sith master so I'll get used to more advanced techniques than slash-slash-push, push-push-fry, fry-fry-throw around. This way I should go on playing at least till June...

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