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Taking Hoth as an Imp (PS2)


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If you're in Conquest mode, choose the bacta bonus (Naboo).


Spawn at the Forward CP, hop in a Scout Walker, move around behind your own CP and wait. They'll send a flock of Tauntaun riders at you - a Tauntaunslaught, if you will. Blast 'em.


Once that wave is dead, march over to the Bunker. Park your Walker by the R5 and take the CP. Then get back in it, or mount a Tauntaun if someone stole your Walker, and head toward Echo Base. That CP is never heavily guarded, and I've often taken it without ever firing a shot. Once it falls, move into the base and take the Control. Again, they rarely spawn anyone to defend it. Finally, move up to the Outpost CP. Stand inside the corridor just at the edge of the CP zone, and wait for defenders to come up the stairs. If you're patient, your own troops will help you take this one.


Once you have all of their base CPs, get in a turret and start shooting the Shield Generator. Once that falls, the victory timer starts.

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