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Cantina 15: "Better late then never!" Holiday Special!!


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*Inside of an old hanger, none of the overhead lights are out, icicles have formed on the ceiling. Remnants of an X-wing's blasted into pieces lay in one of the corners of the large empty hanger.


In the center stood two figures standing infront of a droid with a large camera.*


Irvine: "Greetings from the old Rebel Alliance base, also known as 'Echo Base' on Hoth! We're here cus most of the snow is starting to melt on other systems, so we're here cus the snow is always blowing!"


Cracern: *shivering* "It's f**king cold here Palpatine. The heaters havent worked in years, and there's no power."


Irvine: *smiling at the camera* "Don't make me stuff you in a Ton-ton... Well the workers are just about finished restoring that power that my com padre here was just recently complaining about, and the heat will soon come after!"


Cracern: "Thank god,..."


Irvine: "We may be doing this episode late, because it seems that people seemed to have forgotten about us, and why not try and spur a little activity! Hopefully the rest will show and we can get this snow on the road!"


Cracern: "Har-har." *continuing his sentence* "Hey where'd you get the people to work on all that? I thought it was just us showing up."


Irvine: *cracking on Cracern* "Droids are inexpensive now a days."


Cracern: "Oh you mean those rickety piles of junk you got from those Jawas on Tatoonie?"


Irvine: "I wasn't kidding when I said I'd stuff you into a Ton-ton."

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