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Hey fellow modders, i would like to announce the creation of a new modding team, thus composed of some of the most talented people i have met,


The entire Game development and C++ programming departments of the weaver academy of arts and visual science.


our team has no name yet as our leader (game design teacher) Mr. Roy Kimmins has yet to think of something but it has now become an integral part of the game design curriculum, i have spoken with him about this many times and he has (after many hours of convincing) allowed our entire class to create this team utilizing our school provided resources (3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, and more), and his skill as a game development teacher to help create newer mods for your entertainment while testing our design and programming skills.


we already have many projects in mind but our teacher would like for us to start out with something less than trivial to see how well the class moves into this feild while still teaching us the basics of game development, we hope you will enjoy our future mods to come, as i now announce we are going to bring back previously unfinished projects such as "The Lost Ones"

and many other ides still locked away in my fellow students heads thank you and we hope to have some mods out quite soon!

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