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"Mute" Bao Dur Remote

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Hello everyone. I have a minor issue. Im currently playing kotor 2, and the Bao Dur remote have no sound. When moving around a planet, or when inside the Ebon Hawk the remote does not have that specific "remote sound" it should have when hovering around. Never happened to me before. So im starting to think it may be because i recently used TSL patcher to install a mod, this mod changes the 2da.file, for anyone who knows this mod, its the "T3M4 dialog skipping fix". Im not sure this is related, but i find it weird that the remote is suddenly moving around without a sound.


Also, can anyone tell me where i can locate Bao Dur`s remote in Kotor Tool? so maybe i can check if something can be done with it..


One more question while im on it..


Is the extreme lag that occurs in the Telos Residential Module a well known problem? Or does someone actually have normal performance in this module. I find this weird, since the lag is gone when you return there later in the game, during the battle of Telos.

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