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Day of SWBF


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I know that there are not many people that read this portion of LF but...


Dear Members of the SWBF Community-


Star Wars Battlefront is a game that holds a lot of meaning to a good number of us. For some of us, it was the first online shooter we ever played. For some, it was just another game- but a game with a community so memorable that we stayed around to play it, despite the shortcomings of the medium. And for others, it was the beginning of Internet friendships so powerful that they broke out into the real world.


Suffice it to say, Star Wars Battlefront is a truly memorable game. Not because of the game itself, but because of the people who play it and the people who make the game what it is to all of us. And now, as the game approaches its sixth year of life, its popularity is beginning to become significantly less. Those who used to play it have moved on to bigger and better things. And some of those who have stayed to play and remain fully in the community are beginning to lose their desire to play.


This game will not live on forever. That's just a fact. Eventually, you will boot up the game and you will find no servers to play on, no new maps being released, no people on Xfire still playing. But that day is a long way away. And we would like to celebrate the game once more, with a community event to enjoy the game that has been something special to all of us.


So, we would like to present the Day of SWBF- Summer Edition!


Date: June 19th, 2010

Location: Everywhere

Time: All Day Long


Your Responsibilities:

As this is a community-driven event, you are needed to inform others of the day's impending arrival! Advertise on Xfire, other sites with SWBF, those who host servers, SWBF community sites, clan sites, and everywhere else you can think of! If you know any old players, do be sure to notify them so they can come back for a little while. I know it's sort of short notice, but this is one of the few weekends we can do it, given Independence Day weekend.


Need a easy-to-remember link to direct others to? http://bit.ly/dayofswbf


Also, if you can host servers, please do so! If you're using custom maps, please be sure to post here so we can add you to this post.




We would love to see all of you playing next Saturday!

-The MPC Staff...


Via MPC Gamers. Many of you know Jedikiller from the SWBF Filefront, this is his site.

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