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First of all, the problem with the games (KOTOR1 and KOTOR2) that they keep deleting my saved games has happened a lot to me. In fact, that is why I never finished KOTOR1. Couldn't play the full game before my saves were deleted.


And now I am trying KOTOR2 for the second time.

I played all morning, but then - 2 hours ago - it crashed and deleted my saved games. I went into the 'compability files' folder or whatever it is called, and restored the saved games. However, this was not the correct saves. These saves were 5-6 hours older than the game it deleted. So I am not in the best mood right now. Anways, I tried out the saved games destined to complete the tasks again - but they were already completed.



All the tasks I did this morning, are still completed. However, the place I start and my levels were not. So I start on the Ebon Hawk again and set back 30.000 EXP.

(this is on Dantooine, fyi)


Obviously I can't restore my 30.000 exp (or can I?), so I downloaded KSE (KotOR/KotOR2 Savegame Editor v3.3.3), changed my EXP to 90.995 and wanted to load the new saved game. But the loading bar stops right before 1/3 of the progressbar gets filled. And never continues..


I am confident others have had this problem - Please help me, in one way or another :)

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