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HarIII's Module Creation Tutorial

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Hey, I’m back with my second tutorial which is going to cover the process of creating your own module (not modeling but adding module entries). I’ve noticed that there are several people out there on Lucasforums who don’t know how to do this, imo a very simple operation, so I made a video tutorial of how to actually get down and dirty with modules.


This will cover how to extract a module, compile the area, adding objects, playing with scripts, working with quests, and how to find the textures to reskin the area. I’ve also included the source scripts that I used during this tutorial as well as a lot of the source scripts that I use for Shadows of the Empire so that you won’t have to hunt too hard to get your own source scripts.


I hope this tutorial will help out those who are trying to figure out how to play around with areas and eventually lead to new mods.


Please make sure that you do this important step before you start. The files that I’ve included are my work after I’ve completed the module but what you need to do is copy one of the files. You need to take the file call scripts and copy it do (directory)/swkotor2/modules. This will let you use all the source scripts that I have included. I tried to name my scripts to make them easily identifiable. Sorry about how big this tutorial is, you’re looking at 2 plus gigabytes of videos but there was no way to get around it. Have fun with starting your own modules.

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