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  1. Have some time to chat? I can teach you if you'd like to meet me in the DS chatbox

  2. Good to see you back!

  3. Thanks, I feel it's the thought that counts :)


    And yup. Thanks!

  4. Well we've still got a lot to do if you still want to help!


    I'm doing well. I'd like to say I've been quite busy, but half the time I'm just busy putting stuff off with youtube :p

  5. Good to see you're still around!

  6. Hey, would you take a look at these? I think they're spam but they're a little deceptive.


  7. Thanks! Glad I finally get to help!

  8. Grats on the Super Mod Promo!

  9. I'm hoping I can find my disks again. I played once when it was still live, but I was too young to understand. I have the disks somewhere and I'd love to try this out again sometime.
  10. Back in September, a cop in a suburb near my home was shot and killed. He was praised a hero. During the subsequent manhunt that followed, no suspects were identified. Now, the story has had a twist, and it's something straight out of a television cop drama: Death of Fox Lake, Illinois, officer a 'carefully staged suicide' as well as Messages Recovered From Fox Lake Lieutenant's Phone Shed Light on 'Extensive Criminal Activity'. Now, I'm usually not one for conspiracies, but this just sounds wrong to me. The cop was set to retire in less than a month, and from how long this information took to come out I feel that it is unlikely anyone suspicious of him, at least to the point that suicide was his only way out. Maybe I have just been watching too many television shows as of late, but something here doesn't sit quite right with me.
  11. The forum structure in Star Wars Gamer is just a skeleton at the moment. The goal is to combine the various communities around LucasForums-such as here and the jk.net community into one because there isn't enough people around for all those separate little niches. Modding of course needs to be separated because you cannot instal brotherhood of shadows or tslrcm into empire at war. See my thread in the Modding section. We aren't rolling out new forums yet. We are just preparing for it.
  12. I have a very different mindset for all this, maybe because I grew up in the prequel generation of Star Wars. When I say Episode 1 was a bad movie, I don't really mean bad. It was a bad Star Wars movie, but it was still a great movie in my opinion. I don't think this could possibly be any worse than the prequels, and based on the Star Trek movies Abrams made, I think this will end up being better than any of the George directed movies. (Because everyone knows Empire was not George and it turned out better) It seems like it's going to be grittier, and more realistic, but I personally see that as a positive thing. Star Wars always had a bit of a plasticy feel to it for me, and this might be what it needs to get rid of that. I only wish that Abrams was going to do remakes of the prequels, but one can only hope I guess. And to me, that trailer did exactly what I hoped, make the movie look incredible, but tell us absolutely nothing about the plot because I want to be completely in the dark going to see it, but I can't help myself but to watch the trailers.
  13. I am beyond excited for this. My expectations are set probably too high now.
  14. So with the beta in full swing now, and my only working PC too old to run it, I want to know what everyone thinks about it! And any information about what single-player content will be available, I would be really interested to know.
  15. Well that's convenient. I had just moved my main to the Harbinger. Unfortunately, all of my best toons are Imp. I do want to get my trooper up to max soon, though.

  16. Are you still playing TOR with other people from LF? My guild just died and I'm tryin to find a new home on a new server.

  17. How many need to weigh in to make a decision? EDIT: I did end up getting a PM back now as well. EDIT 2: Another response. The PMs are flowing in today!
  18. Don't really want to annoy them too bad or they may vote against me joining their ranks. But I do understand we need to get them to log in. Lynk, I don't know if you can or not but can you give us some insight on what the process is on the admin side of things when selecting new staff?
  19. I'd love to. I could use some help though from anyone who knows their way around photoshop with some graphics and stuff. I can get by, but really photoshop isn't my strongest ability anymore. If anyone wants to help me out with some graphics, shoot me a PM. It would be cool to get some of the modding community's skinners involved.
  20. Well I do suck with linux currently, but I am more than adept at html/css/js/PHP/SQL so I can at least provide that
  21. I have, as well, contacted all of the admins about helping. No response yet, but I am serious about wanting to help. I just don't know what else I can do as just a regular user. The only thing I personally care about keeping around is all the modding threads. They are far too useful to let die, but moving them is probably fine. The way I see it, the first step is to redo jediknight.net, after that the forums need the attention. With the forums, there's a few options, IMO. 1) We can erase mostly everything and start fresh. Now, I don't exactly think this is the best option, but it is still an option. 2) We can archive all the existing forums and start fresh. No new posts would be added to them, they'd still be around, but dead and locked. 3) We can reorganize everything into a few forums and move everything to its appropriate new home. (Classic Game Discussion, Star Wars: The New Era Games, and Non-Star Wars. Then make as minimal as possible of sub-forums for those areas)
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