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Bite of the Nostalgia bug


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I was talking to someone over Skype tonight about games they used to play. We started talking about communities and clans and...yada yada yada...and I found myself here. I think I logged in a few times...but never posted in the forums just lurked. I still cant believe this is my old online name. Such a "noob" back then...lol


Anyway. Went to ebay, bought a brand new sealed copy...and wondered if anyone still played or if any servers were up. If not I'll leave it on my shelf as a reminder of a great time in my gaming life.

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I'm sure a few people still play. You'll probably need to get some friends together though to agree on a server to join at the same time to get a good experience these days.


But don't take my word for it, check Qtracker.com

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