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Malachor V Skybox

Sith Holocron

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When folks start up their mods to change graphical details in TSL, the mods tend to skew towards either Peragus or Telos. I've made mods for both so I can't exclude myself from this trend. One planet - in my opinion - seems to be usually skipped for enhancement. That planet: Malachor V.


If one thing on that planet cries out from improvement in terms of graphics, that would have to be the skybox. Let's look at it . . .




It doesn't seem that bad but that's only because it's at a distance. In the game, it's worse.




Look at the tops of those mountains in the distance. The low resolution hurts my eyes. Some time ago, i was playing around with the free version of Terragen so I could try my hand at it. Unfortunately, I could not quite master that program. (I wound up settling on working the animated lightning for Malachor V instead - as seen in the shot above.)


Might one of you have a talent at making wonderful skyboxes? I implore you to take up your digital paintbrush and right this wrong. Undo this travesty!


(Too over the top? Probably.)


Thanks for listening to my request though.

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Well; I've been doing silly things in Terragen 2.0 which is a powerfull tool to render out landscapes and skies. I could give it another try and come with something that fits for Malachor.


Like I mentioned I've only scratched the surface of what I can do with it. Messed around with just the clouds. You might not believe it but the picture below took some 20 minutes to render. The quality and detail you can put into it is amazing; but it does have a cost in render time... :lol:


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