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Saving some wife's husband in .. Camino?


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Hi. I remember playing this game, like 10 years ago.

There's this particular mini-quest that I couldn't manage to finish. I don't really remember what planet it was on, but since I remember there was water around + you went through glassed hallways, I guess it was Camino.


Anyway, there was this quest where my character should help the way out of some wife's husband. I don't remember the charges...

I think this couple was poor and the husband was innocent, actually. I just needed to collect evidence in his support. So when hearings start I'd be some sort of his lawyer.

Anyway, I stuck and I didn't know what to do next. So I decided to go for proceeding/hearing and I lost. Then I remember my character went up to the wife and she was like: "oh well, at least you tried".

The fact that she wasn't really upset made me surprised. And I was like: "well, why the hell did I work my ass off to try to save your husband if you don't really seem to care if he's sentenced"


at some point I even thought that there's no way to collect evidence to save the husband... but then I thought: no way, the script-writers wouldn't make this quest impossible to resolve successfully.


So my question is: does anyone know what I'm talking about? Could you tell me as much as possible how exactly you managed to collect evidence in order to help the husband? Thanks in advance.

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The planet is Manaan, not Kamino. And the guy you are talking about is Sunry, the only way to get this quest is with Jolee. This is KOTOR after all, so not all is as it seems. Do you wish the full story? Kind of hard to help you with spoiling it. It is sort of like being a detective so I suggest continuing to snoop if you want to find out for yourself.

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