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Clone Wars Side Expansion


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In my first thread in the Battlefront forums, I had asked if it is possible to add more characters in the game's standard sides, meaning if I actually could add another class without replacing anything? Of course, I got no answer, but this won't stop me from analysing my idea here. So, what I actually meant back there is this:


The standard Republic side has those classes:

Clone trooper

Heavy trooper

Clone sharpshooter

Clone engineer

Clone commander

Jet trooper


Here's what I'd like to do: Add more classes WITHOUT REPLACING ANY STANDARD ONES.

So, you'd have all the classes mentioned above, PLUS:


Republic commando:republic-commando-4.jpg

The republic commandos would use deflector shields, a DC-17m blaster attachment, a DC-17m sniper attachment, a DC-17m anti-armor attachment, a EWHB-12 heavy repeating blaster and proximity mines.


ARC trooper:8f0f6555551d6789e03fbf412b693805-d3e7gn8.jpg

The ARC troopers would use a WESTAR-M5 rifle, a commando pistol, mines and the orbital strike (the orbital strike is a custom weapon made by Skammer_216. You throw the beacon, calls in OS from battleship a few seconds later.)


ARF trooper:ARFplain-TCW.jpg

The ARF troopers would use a Z-6 rotary cannon, a commando pistol, emp grenades and a recon droid.


Clone medic:KixFull-SWE.png

The clone medics would use a "special weapon" (I don't know how it's called. It's included in a modded map called All Battle Crisis, by icemember. This weapon is used by a clone trooper, but the weapon doesn't have a name, so if anyone know what it is, please tell me), a DC-15s blaster pistol, health/ammo dispensers and an autoturret.


Now, onto the CIS droids.


The standard CIS side has those classes:

Super battle droid

Assault droid

Assassin droid

Engineer droid




Adding more classes WITHOUT REPLACING ANY STANDARD ONES and we get this:

All the classes mentioned above, PLUS:


BX commando droid:6872194_orig.jpg

The BX commando droids would have an enhanced E-5 carbine, a repulsive vibrosword, a flare rifle (by Skammer_216 it's sniper rifle like, but fires small rockets instead), a disguise kit (by Fierfek, it disguises the droid into a clone trooper so enemies won't shoot you), thermal detonators and gas grenades.


Rocket battle droid:rocket_battle_droid.jpg

The rocket battle droid would have a jetpack, a gasthrower, a snoutgun (by Skammer_216, fires bombs that blast people backwards on impact, stick to them and explode a few seconds later), a fusionqutter, detpacks and mines.


Viper probe droid:500px-ProbeDroid-TSWA.jpg

The Viper probe droids would have a heavy blaster cannon, deflector shields and the ability to fly and hover.


IG lancer combat droid:IG_lancer.JPG

The IG lancer combat droids would have a power lance, an E-5 blaster, a flamethrower and time bombs.


Also, standard Magnaguards would also have an electrostaff and jet troopers would fly for a longer time.

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