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Hi there, razorace! I even registered on these forums to say that to you.


I remember the time when I was looking for any game that could provide anything as spectacular and awesome as Star Wars movie saberfighting... and OJP was the best (if not the only) solution. I was running a server for me and my friends, and creating map&models packs for better role-play.


I thank you sincerely for all those good times I had. If you're going to play the game soon, I would be honored to join :)

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Thank you for the kind words. :)


I'm still in the process of figuring out how we should host new builds and host a play server. Unfortunately, it looks like Desura's build approval process might have too slow of a turn around time to be able to use it for bug fix testing. I'll keep everyone posted.


What times work for you? The weekend is probably best for me.

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