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Mod Help for Jedi Academy


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Hi guys

i was messing with playermodel command in JA and i noticed when i faced Kyle while i had a desann model,i was immune to force grip,as i automatically force pushed him whenever he tried to force grip me,

his force push attacks barely had any effect on me and played the "cover face" animation like nothing happened while when i had the normal model i could be thrown everywhere


this happens in my normal model only if i activate force absorb


but when i reverted back to my standard model,i was no longer immune and i could be thrown around and smashed around the place with force grip and force push


this immunity can be seen in strong npcs like Kyle,Luke,Desann.

you can't force grip them or push them ,the only exception if you are pushing them while they are in mid air.


so the question is


how can i modify the player model to be immune from force grip and force push\pull and to react like Luke\Kyle\Desann?


any help will be appreciated

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