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Misunderstanding the game? help! DX


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Ive been playing KOTOR for a few days now. Got my Soldier class to level 8 and right after i turned jedi, i realized i had messed up. Ive been studying builds for the past 2 days now, and they seem alright...but there has been a severe misunderstanding between me and whats being said.


My planned build will be a 5/15 Scout/Guardian build.


Everything seems fine, i understand that because i wil be turning Jedi at level 5, I will have to surrender to the fact that i will no longer get uncanny dodge lvl 2 and implant level 3.


The part that confuses me is that people claim to max out Twohanded weapon fighting, and get atleast level 2 in flurry...but how is that possible if after i turn jedi my feats change? see i think im misunderstanding this part. can i still appoint my feat points to things such as TWF and Flurry even after i have turned into a jedi? and if i still can, then what points are spent on jedi powers? does that use my feat points or is there a type of power points i will earn?

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Your Scout/Jedi will have both Feats and Powers. You can continue working on Two-Weapon Fighting and Flurry even as a Jedi (and you'll definitely want to!).


I think the confusion is you think that you're giving up Feats in favor of Powers, but that's not how it works. :) Jedi Powers are a completely additional thing that do not interfere with your Feats.


Your Jedi class will determine your new rate of Feat progression, rate of Power progression, and how many skill points you get per level from now on; you'll also get Persuade as a class skill.


Also you can still get Implant level 3 if you want, you just won't get it for free.

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Oh trust me, even with this info you'll probably restart the game a few times from the beginning. You'll get better at it... and much faster, being able to skip through a lot of dialogue and get right back to where you were without much trouble.


One unconditional tip: SAVE OFTEN. I have 5 "temp" save slots at the top of my list, and I use quicksave/quickload all the time, but I keep plenty of saves along the way (there's no limit on them). If I find out I screwed up on the last planet, I definitely have a save file from when I touched down in the Ebon Hawk (at the very least). Definitely save before going Jedi, especially if you saved up a buncha XP and will be leveling a lot. If you change your mind about your Jedi class or the powers you pursue, you don't want to have to re-do all of Taris! (I actually have a save for every level-up, like "SCT 5, SENT 9", so I can step back before any major changes to my character.)


One more tip: Don't allow the game to auto-level anyone, or take feat/power recommendations blindly. It's horrible. A child could make better choices. Take the time to specialize your character & party yourself!


You can get a lot of pointers at GameFAQs, but there's no substitute for first-hand experience: http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/516675-star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic/faqs


If you have any other questions though, I'd be happy to help.

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