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Dark Forces Speedrun


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I remember spending YEARS trying to beat the original Dark Forces as a kid. Anoat City, the Detention Block, and the Imperial City levels' puzzles were ridiculously challenging. And don't get me started on the levels where it was tough just to stay alive! Truth be told, I've never beaten the game on hard without cheats. I can't remember which levels off the top of my head but I've had to bump the difficulty down to medium and even easy on a few of them.


Here is a guy who played through the game on easy from start to finish in just 20 minutes and 34 seconds without using console cheats. :p


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I'll be honest, I didn't beat the game legit. I turned on "blast shield" in the options for the final battle. I was just sick and tired of repeating that danged level and wanted to be done with it (and go back to playing JK). I've wanted to finish it for real for a long time, but I was kind of waiting for the DarkXL project to finish, which it hasn't yet, sadly...


(If you want to see an easy final boss battle, just check out DarkXL in its current state)

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