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Star Wars: The Last Hero (III)

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Had free time, so here is an other update but do not expect me to update so soon. The next chapter will most likely come in a week. This chapter has lot of action in case you were bored with last chapter's love affairs.:p









The Last Hero


Three days later


The rain was pouring over John's head. His clothes were soak wet. The rain was cold. The wind too was cold. His heart too was cold. The clouds were dark. His future also seemed to be dark. The Cantina was closed today, but he still had to go there to clean the place. He was about to open the Cantina's door when he saw ten dark figures approaching the Cantina. Their movement was steady and slow, despite the storm. The rain was pouring on such a scale that it did not allow John to see who exactly those men were until they had come close enough. Then, he recognized them as Sith pupils. He could tell from their dark cloak and the lightsabers that they were carrying on their belts.


'Why am I so unlucky?', he thought. He tried to hide his displeasure and saluted the Sith. "What can I do for you, sirs?"


Instead of replying, the Sith were examining him from head to toe. John was actually surprised that the Sith would take an interest on him.


One of them closed his eyes and after a few seconds, he commented: "The Dark Lord was right. The force is indeed strong in this place."


John could not understand what they were talking about but he did not want to interrupt them. He had no wish to offend ten Sith. After all he had work that needed to be done. So, he was ready to move into the Cantina when one of the Sith shouted: "He is the one!"


"What are you talking about?", John asked.


Instead of giving a reply, that Sith charged towards John but he was pushed back by an invisible force. John then saw a man in his fifties with grey beard and wearing a brown Jedi robe walking towards the Sith. In fact, it was this man who had force pushed the Sith.


Upon seeing him, the other Sith quickly formed a crescent, holding their lightsaber tight on their hands and facing the Jedi. The "Crescent Formation" was a mostly defensive formation, although it could also be used for offensives. The array of lightsabers, one besides the other, made it difficult to break the formation, as each member of the formation was supported by those standing on his left and right. The crescent structure of the formation made sure that it was almost impossible to outflank it and the only way to do so was to somersault and land behind the formation, an extremely difficult task even for highly skilled Jedi. The formation could also be used offensively, by using the center of the crescent to tie up the enemy while the right and left wings of the crescent would encircle him, thus trapping him inside a circle. Then, it would be quite easy to kill the enemy. This tactic was first used by the military on land battles during the Ancient times, but it was later adopted by the Jedi.


The Crescent Formation was certainly one of the most sophisticated and lethal formations of the Sith. But the middle-aged Jedi seemed not only to not be scared at all, but also somewhat bored. Was this a psychological trick of the Jedi to scare his enemies, was he too arrogant or could it be that he was so powerful that he could break the formation easily, and so did not need to be even bothered about it?


To everyone's surprise, the Jedi used the force to elevate in the air John and then threw him at the Sith crescent. The Sith, fearing that their lightsabers would kill John, something which they wanted to avoid as Darth Venius had instructed them to capture the force user alive or they would pay with their heads if they killed him, lowered their lightsabers and two of them moved forward to grab the unlucky man. John was indeed grabbed by the two men and was safe. Now that he was safe, the two Sith returned back to their positions and held up their lightsabers once again, ready to confront the Jedi. This whole operation lasted only a few seconds as the Sith lowered their lightsabers and moved forward to save John with immense speed. However, the Jedi was nowhere to be seen. Not a single person had seen the Jedi moving and yet he somehow disappeared!


In fact, the Jedi had used his incredible speed to pass through the formation through the gap opened when the two Sith moved forward to rescue John. So, the Jedi was now behind the Sith! The only weakness that the Crescent Formation had was that if someone attacked from behind, the Formation would collapse. The Jedi knew that and there were only two ways for him to outflank the Formation: To either somersault and land behind the Formation, something almost impossible, or to create a gap in the formation and pass through it. The Jedi chose the second option and used John to create the gap. He had noticed that the Sith did not want to kill him, because when that Sith he had force pushed charged at John, he wanted to grab him, not hurt him.


Now, being behind the Sith, he had the advantage. He gathered all the force he could use and forced pushed the Sith. The gust of wind created by the force push was so powerful that the formation was broken. Now, every Sith was on his own. In only a few seconds, the Jedi had finished off all of them. He beheaded the first Sith, stabbed his lightsaber twice on the back of the second Sith, cut in half the third Sith, stabbed the chest the fourth Sith, force chocked the fifth Sith, forced pushed the sixth Sith sending him in a collision course with the Cantina's wall, killing him, cut both arms of the seventh Sith, stabbed the lung of the eighth Sith, cut horizontally the ninth Sith and castrated the tenth Sith. All of those moves had been made in only a few seconds!


John was terrified and amazed both at the same time. He had witnessed the violent killing of ten people in only a few seconds and only a few moments ago he had avoided the Sith's lightsabers on the last second. But before he could calm down himself, he saw a young and very ugly man wearing a blue silk robe and holding a black umbrella walking towards the Jedi. In a split of a second, that man had thrown hundreds of silver needles on the Jedi, who used the force to push them back towards their owner. The ugly man moved with superhuman speed and dodged all needles.


"Impressive!", the ugly man roared. "Very impressive! At last, I have found a worthy opponent."


"Who are you?", the Jedi asked. "I have no past quarrels with you."


"Indeed. Neither do I. In fact, I have been traveling this vast Galaxy hoping to find a worthy opponent to fight. Unfortunately, I could not find any. Until I saw you killing those Sith punks. It impressed me enough to challenge you to a fight."


"What is your name?"


"Silver Needles Chang Anyi. What about you?"


"Maximilian Krat."


"Good! You are the famous Jedi Knight who massacred a hundred Sith on the Battle of Hoth. If I kill you, I will instantly become famous across the Galaxy."


Maximilian laughed. "Indeed. If you kill me, you shall become quite famous. But what are the chances of you winning?"


Chang laughed too.


"Not many, but I like taking risks."


Chang threw without a notice tens of silver needles. Maximilian used his lightsaber to deflect them, but more and more were being thrown at him. A less skilled Jedi would have been killed. Chang, seeing that he had forced Maximilian on the defensive, threw a smoke grenade at him. When it exploded, smoke covered the place and Maximilian could not see anything. Now, he had to rely on the force and his other senses. He sensed a slight disturbance in the force. He turned to his left and deflected the needles with his lightsaber. He then turned to his right and force pushed away the other needles. When the smoke cleared away, Maximilian was still alive.


"Impossible!", Chang exclaimed.


"Nothing is impossible for a Jedi", Maximilian simply commented.


Before Chang could throw more needles, Maximilian had already thrown his lightsaber at him. The lightsaber stabbed Chang's chest, killing him. Maximilian then used the force to get back his lightsaber which he switched off. John had his mouth wide open, not being able to comprehend what just happened. Before he could ask the Jedi what he doing on this planet, he saw an other man approaching the Jedi. This time, it was an old man with a completely shaved hair and a long white beard. He was wearing a yellow silk robe. He was accompanied by a tall green male Twi’lek.


"That is quite some skills you have!", the man in yellow exclaimed.


"You are?", Maximilian asked.


"Fang Ying, sworn brother of Chang Anyi."


"And I am Robert Fox", the Twi'lek said.


"That means I will have to fight you too?", Maximilian sighed.


"Indeed!", Fang shouted.


Fang charged forward with his right palm, aiming at the stomach of the opponent. Maximilian saw Fang's palm coming towards him, but did not move until it was one inch away from his stomach. He then moved a bit to the left while gently pushing his opponent forward by using his right palm. This caused Fang to almost fall on the ground. Had it been someone else, he would have surely lost his balance.


The Twi'lek also charged at Maximilian holding a vibrosword on his hands. He somersaulted and aimed at Maximilian's back, but the Jedi used the force to push him away. Fang, seizing on the chance, sent out a back kick followed by three flying kicks, but Maximilian was able to dodge all of them. Meanwhile, Robert was back on his feet and charged once again with his vibrosword, but Maximilian force chocked him, killing the unlucky Twi'lek. Fang used this chance to flee. Maximilian did not chase him. He had already killed far too many men on this day.


Maximilian pointed at John and said: "You, come with me!"




"The Sith will sent more men to capture you."




"Don't know. Go ask them.", Maximilian laughed. "I came here to search for two Jedi Knights who had come on this planet."


John realized that Maximilian was talking about the two Jedi that the handsome man had killed a few days ago. He explained to him what happened.


Maximilian let out a long sigh. "This was a great blow to the Jedi order. Those two Knights were some of the best fighters in the Order. Anyway, come with me."


John did not need much persuasion. Even if the Sith were not after him, he would have never missed this chance to leave Carleria and escape from Han. Especially if he could follow a powerful Jedi Knight who could be persuaded to train him in the way of the force.

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