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Graphics ripper for Simon the sorcerer

Scabb dude

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I know it's not SCUMM related (it was actually based on AGOS engine) but is there anything around to rip Simon and Simon2 graphical assets like sprites and backgrounds?


A few years ago I wrote an image encode/decoder for Simon 1 (Floppy disk version only), to help someone working on a translation project. Hopefully it will be useful to you.


To use:

  1. Copy the *.VGA files into the same directory as simonimg
  2. Create a sub-directory called "dumps"
  3. Run e.g. "agos_dump_image.exe 0", to decode files 0001.VGA and 0002.VGA


The argument is a "zone", representing the first three digits of the VGA files. A zone has two files, ending in "1" or "2". So, zone "0" has files "0001.VGA" and "0002.VGA". Each zone can contain multiple images. (I guess a zone is equivalent to an in-game scene.)


If you wanted to decode all zones, you might need to write a batch script to loop through all the zones. Sorry.


There's also an encoder if that's useful to you.


Win32 binaries:



Python source:


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