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I Need Help With Modding Star Wars Bf2

Vaders Elite

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Hey Yall, I dont own any other console but a PSP(financial problems) but i have been modding it (well technically i have beem modding the mission.lvl) using the official Swbf2 mod tools and i have sucessfully managed to do the following:


add back the orignal jedi sounds when they spawn

add back the team co-ordinator sounds for all 4 factions

I have managed to increase the Reinforcement count to Infinte

i have added in 5 out of the 8 missing planets which are:

jabbas palace




rhen var

the missing ones which i cant add due to the fact im not a programmer are:

death star



However if someone can help me do this itd be awesome



i have added in custom teams so Rebel Vs Clones

i have added in new exclusive units which arent on the ps2/xbox or Pc versions.



The point im trying to make is that apart from being able to do the follwing two things:

Increase the AI

Add those 3 Planets


The point im trying to make is that Swbf2 on the PSP can be modded to Lots of extent unfortunately there isnt enough intrest in it which sucks but i am asking you guys whoever reads this please if you have modding experence then hellp me do the follwing modifications to the psp version


increase Ai

Add 3 remaining planets

Add Pc mods e.g 2.0 comversion pack

Add new planets

Re add the original Campaign back in.

Add Modded Characters


now i can provide you with the PSP ISO files which are All .lvl file types including the planet files.


I have sucessfully managed to mod the Core.lvl(contains psp menu text)and the mission.lvl


So is anyone intrested in working together and adding some of these things back in because its an exciting area of Swbf2 because its an untouched modding system almost!

Even if you want to work alone and attempt doing the above please do and if i works please reply below

thank you

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The three remaining planets are, sadly, not possible to do as they're not compatible with the engine and the mungers needed to convert the maps from the BF2 Mod Tools don't exist in public form (that's not to say that they don't exist ever, but you'd need to find the people who developed the PSP port and ask them for their tools). That also goes for any new content: it's just not possible.

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