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Missing Bao-Dur body models

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As most of you know, Bao-Dur can't equip robes and heavy armor. This is because all of his appearance.2da entries use a personal customized entries to account for his arm. Ergo, they use the same textures as regular versions of the armors, but the model itself is custom and includes Bao's mechanical arm.


Obsidian didn't bother giving him the custom bodies beyond type F, which is the medium armor, which is also why he doesn't have heavy armor feat selectable in the game - it would simply crash because of the missing appearance.2da entries.


So, my request would be to take the remaining armor models (body types G, H, K, M), and attach Bao's Arm to them, while retaining the UV maps to accomodate the textures, just like the stock bodies he uses now.


While there are some concerns about there being a space between the head and body for the robes (body types I, N), using a custom mesh such as the following - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/413-tsl-prequel-robe-replacement/ http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/64-movie-style-jedi-master-robes/ - should prove to be adequate, as very few people use stock robe models these days. Regardless, robe addition is secondary to the request of the missing armor types.

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